What We Learned From Zach & Mindy’s Instagrams

What We Learned From Zach & Mindy’s Instagrams

Zach and Mindy had a disastrous relationship in Married At First Sight season 10. Zach and Mindy’s Instagrams indicate that the exes have moved on.

Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben endured one of the most harrowing relationships in Married At First Sight, but Zach and Mindy’s Instagrams promise that the exes are much better off now than they were in season 10. Although Zach and Mindy have done their best to stay out of the spotlight since their devastating relationship in 2020, the former husband and wife have demonstrated that they’re still leading fascinating lives on social media. From their careers in fitness to international excursions, here’s everything Married At First Sight fans can learn from Zach and Mindy’s Instagrams.

Although they were both eager to find a partner, Zach and Mindy’s relationship turned out to be one of the most discouraging marriages ever featured in Married At First Sight. The couple started on the wrong foot when Zach shared that he didn’t want to move into the same apartment with his new bride. Sadly, Zach continued to maintain his physical and emotional distance from Mindy throughout their time in Married At First Sight as he failed to develop any romantic feelings for his wife. Eventually, Zach admitted that he wasn’t attracted to Mindy. Zach hammered the final nail in the coffin when he was caught flirting with Mindy’s friend. Fortunately, Zach and Mindy’s Instagrams indicate that they’ve moved on from the tragic union.


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Regrettably, no one was shocked by Zach and Mindy’s choice to get divorced on Decision Day. Some of the exciting endeavors the pair of former spouses have embarked on since getting divorced in 2020 might surprise fans, however. After all of the attention she received from the fallout of her ill-fated marriage, Mindy decided that she had to start over somewhere new. Mindy landed on living in Mexico, where most of her Instagram posts take place. From lounging in pools to tropical beach days in Playa del Carmen, Mindy’s relocation efforts appear to have fostered a sense of tranquility the former wife has been missing since getting married to Zach. Although her Instagram portrays her everyday life as paradise, Mindy’s social media indicates that her life hasn’t all been beach days. Mindy has taken on ambitious fitness goals, including becoming an American Ninja Warrior contestant.

Understandably, ever since his unpopular run in Married At First Sight season 10, Zach has maintained a low profile, even on social media. Over the past year, Zach’s shared just above a dozen new photos on Instagram. Additionally, the former husband has been careful to make sure that none of his recent pictures reveal anything about his personal life. The vast majority of Zach’s recent posts are dedicated to his passion for exercising and his fitness business, The Casual Athlete. In September, Zach let his followers in on his trip from Washington, D.C., back to his home of St. Marys, Georgia. After his brief homecoming, Zach’s Instagram returned to work out tutorials and thirst traps. Although his social media doesn’t hint at his relationship status, Zach’s Instagram establishes that his fitness career has taken priority since his infamous divorce.

Zach and Mindy had one of the most catastrophic arranged relationships in Married At First Sight‘s history, but the alumni’s Instagrams indicate that the exes are happy to move on from the discouraging romantic venture. From Mindy’s Mexican getaway to Zach’s fitness ambitions, Zach and Mindy’s Instagrams teach fans that their disastrous marriage wasn’t the end of the world. Fortunately, Married At First Sight fans can continue to follow Zach and Mindy’s journeys years after their scandalous breakup.

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Sources: Mindy Shiben/Instagram, Zach Justice/Instagram

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