Tom Brady Has Retired From The NFL Inspiring Fans And Haters To React Online

Tom Brady Has Retired From The NFL Inspiring Fans And Haters To React Online

The infamous Tom Brady has officially announced his retirement from the NFL today, announcing the milestone on his Twitter around 9:30 a.m. EST.

After his dramatic move from the New England Patriots to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, football’s most polarizing quarterback won an unlikely Super Bowl. Known in memes for kissing his son and being handsome, among other things, Brady’s announcement leans to the more heartfelt side of his persona.

He sent a tweet out today of a picture of himself, simply captioning it with a heart emoji. He then added on four, subsequent replies, attaching notes app-esque screenshots to compile together a retirement letter to his fanbase. He starts the letter with, “I have always believed that the sport of football is an ‘all-in’ proposition,” only to say later on, “This is difficult for me to write, but here it goes: I am not going to make that competitive commitment anymore …”

Fans and haters started reacting immediately. Within 20 minutes of being posted, his first, heart-emoji tweet amassed roughly 3,200 replies. Using crying reactions and multiple Tom Brady meme templates, like Bradying or Angry Tom Brady, Twitter users expressed their emotions through multiple humorous outlets, masking their tears or their cheers.

Fans also noted that Brady didn’t mention the Patriots once in his long-form letter, causing people to post memes about the shaky relationship with his origin team. When Brady left the Pats, it was controversial across the league, with some thinking both him and Gronk isolated themselves from their abusive, New England past.

As the story develops into January, Tom Brady retirement memes will most likely surface in abundance. The real question is, what will Brady do without football? Will he join the ranks of Peyton and Eli Manning, becoming sports analysts and beloved, household goobers? Or will he simply vanish into his Florida mansion, never to set foot in Boston again? Only time will tell, but for right now, the story is just unfolding.

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