‘The Vanta Lord’ Talks ‘Council Vs. Rogues,’ The ‘Vanta Realm’ Metaverse RPG And Manifesting His Childhood Fantasies Into Reality

‘The Vanta Lord’ Talks ‘Council Vs. Rogues,’ The ‘Vanta Realm’ Metaverse RPG And Manifesting His Childhood Fantasies Into Reality

The Vanta Lord, aka Agostinho Da Silva, is a TikToker and musician with over 4 million followers on TikTok at the time of writing. In little over a year, Da Silva, in collaboration with every one of his followers, has created an entire fantasy realm on the platform known as “The Vanta Realm,” teeming with original characters, situations and lore, many of which have been bouncing around in Da Silva’s head since he was a kid. Most recently, the Vanta Realm has inspired the explosive “Council vs. Rogues” trend, a massive fictional war on TikTok against Da Silva’s powerful “Council of men” and the detractors who look to spill its secrets, aka “The Rogues,” which has leaked from TikTok to the mainstream.

Now, Da Silva is looking to expand the Vanta Realm universe even further with a metaverse RPG known as Vanta Realm, and it already boasts over 150,000 members. We sat down with Da Silva to talk about the origins of the Vanta Lord, discuss the council vs. rogues trend and get the rundown on The Vanta Realm.

Q: Can you introduce yourself for those who might not know you?

A: My name is Agostinho Da Silva, but the people know me as the Vanta Lord and I am known for posting easily the most dramatic, extravagant content online, [chuckle] very much medieval-style content where I play this character now known as the Vanta Lord who sends invitations to all of these wonderful events and he orders a lot of beheadings, he sends out a lot of gifts and basically, he’s a supreme ruler. So that’s just me like tapping into my hyper ego and who I see when I’m in the mirror. It’s really just like the huge manifestation of my daily affirmations.

Q: How did you become the Vanta Lord?

A: It was the January of 2020 and I was in my old apartment and I was just scrolling through TikTok in a trance. I was like, “I don’t understand how social media can be this good. How is it this funny?” And then I saw this one TikTok that was like, “Man, y’all are just scrolling through, through, through TikTok for hours, you could be posting something. People go viral every day. You could make something of your life,” and you know those cliches with the music and stuff, but I stopped and looked at it and I was like, “You know what? I did remember seeing 6 o’clock and now it’s 11:00, so perhaps I could have used those five hours to post if I’m gonna be here anyway.” [chuckle] I start posting and then things are going pretty well. I have a small community. When I had 200 followers, I thought I was the most famous man alive, ’cause it’s just like 200 followers that cared and 200 people that care a lot for anyone.

I decided that it was gonna be a funny idea to invite someone to “the cookout” while ironing mid-air an invisible pet dragon that I’ve named Scarborus. I was actually very sleep-deprived at the time because I had a lot of free time at that stage. I’m doing this and I am like dead-tired and I’m like, with the straightest face, “He’s invited to the cookout. He can come.” I post, I go to sleep and the next day my TikTok is going wild. My friends are calling me, “Bro, I saw you, I saw you on Instagram. They re-posted you. Oh my goodness!” And that’s basically the origin story of how this whole TikTok situation began.

Q: When did you first realize you were going viral?

A: I literally remember it was a dude, he was eating one of these burgers with the black buns and then he was like, “I like my burgers the way I like my women,” and it was a black burger. And then I was like, “Oh, he likes black women. [chuckle] He’s invited to the cookout, he can come.” And one of the things that made the video go viral is that he misspoke the word “burgers” and then some people also commenting on that and I was just like, “Ah, look.” People were hating on me like crazy at the time. It was hilarious. They’re like, “You can’t just invite anyone to the cookout. That’s not allowed!” I’m like, “But it’s making me famous.”

Q: Why “The Vanta Lord?” What significance does the name carry?

A: I have created law for every single thing in my life. When I was 16, I was thinking, “Man, there has to be a reason why good things happen in my life and why bad things happen.” And my surname is Da Silva, full name, Agostinho Nunez Policarpio Da Silva, Portuguese and I was like, “Okay, if I had to describe the color of a mirror, it would be Silva (silver), yeah, ’cause mirrors don’t have a color, but I think we can all agree the color of a mirror is Silva. And I’m like, “What’s the opposite?” I saw this color, yeah, that they released called Vanta Black, I’m like, “What is that?” It was just this gap in reality, I’m like, “My goodness gracious, that’s gorgeous.” I then create this character in my mind as a teenager who’s this super dark guardian angel-type thing that’s watching over me and influencing the events in my life to help me rise to prominence. Then as I was doing the cookout invites on TikTok, I had now developed that story for maybe four, five years, so that had its own law within itself and then slowly I just started kind of trolling people with, “The council has invited you to the cookout,” and then I started using the word “council” a lot. “What are you ironing?” “My invisible pet dragon.”

And then [chuckle] it just snowballed from there. Now instead of just sending the jet to bring someone to the cookout, I’m sending the magic carpet, I’m sending the teleportation device, the portal and things started to get more mystical and magical and it really, really started to catch people’s imaginations from there.

Q: What is “The Council?”

A: Within official Vanta law, what happens is the primordial being, the original Vanta Lord, he essentially breaks all of the angels out of heaven and then he creates a tear within reality that we now know as the Vanta Realm, where all of heaven’s refugees managed to stay safe from all of the police forces and whatever you will. And that’s where they actually created this council where they could use all of their powers and bring everyone within the Vanta Realm to prominence and make it like the first society where everyone is wealthy, upper class, affluent. Then that council decided to have a brunch on Earth.

So then that is why the council has seemingly unlimited funds, it’s because literally, the council’s fund is coming from an unlimited resource. So yeah, the council are higher up in the Illuminati. Whatever you see, the council did. The council owns every big corporation that you can think of except for “Man News,” which developed in the middle of the war. We decided not to acquire that one. So all the evil overloads, all the conspiracy theories that you’ve ever imagined, you can chock that down to the council.

Q: What is ‘The Council of Men?’

A: The council of men is its most popular incarnation at the moment. It was, for a long, the Black council in charge of inviting people to the cookout. The cookout thing is still as popular as ever, but now it’s like the council of men thing definitely took the lead. But I think it mostly took the lead in terms of how willing I am to play into and commit to the mystical and magical aspects of the art that I’m creating online.

Q: How did TikTok help to make all this come to life?

A: The videos were going super viral. Everything was amazing. We’re talking now in December. But even before that, when I had like maybe 300,000 followers around there, the Vanta Realm would literally start doing their own version of the invitations. So it became an “us” thing super early on, way before what we have now. It’s like now this is just the biggest version of it, but it started with someone inviting someone, I think, to have a card game and he had these playing cards out and everything. Shoutout @themajornerd, that was him and he really kind of kick-started the culture within the Vanta Realm of us collaborating to push a movement forward.

Then the second time around, people just started inviting me to their things. So it’s like the metal heads invited me to the mosh pit. Even the vampires invited me to some stuff. The witches invited me to some stuff. It’s like the Vanta Realm’s become a super, super safe space for people to dress up and be whoever they wanna be, really tap into their higher selves, tap into their hyper egos and become expressive. So when we’re talking about what I created, all I did was push the post button, but this is really a team effort for millions and millions of people.

Q: Do you think this ever could have happened on YouTube or another platform?

A: No, I don’t. Not for one second. Speed and culture are the two big words. The best platform where this could have happened that isn’t TikTok is YouTube, but with YouTube, there’s a certain standard of creation that slows down the creation process. Even if you take someone as seemingly casual as David Dobrik, if you look into how he creates his videos, it’s super systematic. They have meetings, they plan what they’re gonna do that day. It takes a tremendous amount of effort.

This is not to say that there aren’t people on TikTok that put a tremendous amount of effort into their videos, but I think everyone can definitely agree that making a 15-second TikTok video and making a four-minute YouTube video are two different things, depending on how you’re going about it. Most people think this is an insult. I love this. You can become famous from bobbing your head the right way. [chuckle] That is a blessing. We mustn’t look at it like it’s a lesser form of art or whatever, because now we take that. I was watching Addison Rae’s movie on Netflix and I was so biased towards that movie, I loved it ’cause I was like, “Oh, so you can become a TikTok star then get on a movie.” ‘Cause I never really saw a YouTuber get beyond a movie that was in the front of Netflix like that, that was getting pushed that heavily.

Twitter is probably another place where such a thing could have happened, but it wouldn’t have had the visual aspect. I’m not sure if it would have gone on for this long. If we think about 21 Savage, or Sir Savage the 21st, that moment when people found out that 21 Savage was British, that was a similar moment to this one in internet history, perhaps bigger. Well, who can judge size at this stage? But the TikTok was, in my opinion, the only platform where this could have happened, the duet feature, the stitch future, amazing for collaboration.

Q: So how did the “Council Vs. Rogues” war begin?

A: Okay, so I’m sending invitations, yeah, going on an absolute tab because I took a break from TikTok to get my life together internally because it’s all cool and dandy having this huge family online and having all these people that want to see you succeed and everything, but within yourself, you don’t see your millions of followers, you don’t speak to the people around you that are supporting you, you don’t have a direct visual on your bank account, none of that. You’re in your own mind, you’re with yourself and in front of you will be Netflix if there is, but when you are in bed, you are staring at absolute darkness and you have nothing but your thoughts. In those moments, I was not doing well.

That’s when I started posting less, seeing a therapist and everything and then the therapist got me right. Shoutout to Pippa Hancock, [chuckle] legendary therapist. Then I sat down looking at my TikTok and I think I got nine followers in a day. I was like, “Hmm, okay, okay, understood. We’re gonna sort this out.” I start posting like a madman, sending invitation on invitation on invitation. This is where now the council of men thing started cropping up, ’cause now I’m reacting to very male-centered content, yes and there was one where a girl was on a speed boat and she was on the search to find “where men find the audacity.” That was one of the bigger ones that blew up.

Then there was the “for my male audience trend.” My “rival,” Che, he posts a video leaking one of the main secrets and then I react to that saying that he has to stand trial. He refuses to stand trial. I’m like, “Sir, you have to stand trial,” he’s like, “No, none of that.” I say, “We have to go to war.” And then he says, “Okay, fine. He wants us to go to war, let’s go to war.” I thought it was just gonna be like a two or three-video exchange between him and I, because both of us, we are big trolls, we love the banter and it became a lot bigger.

Q: When did the trend start blowing up?

A: I cannot pinpoint the exact moment when it spilled… No, I can, I lied. The exact moment when it spilled over is when I called for the bounty hunters and then bounty hunters started stitching and duet-ing that video. They started reacting to that. Then I posted the bounty hunters, then Chey was like, “Wow, y’all actually have bounty hunters coming for me.” And that’s when just my style of collaborative content creation took over, because for real, for real, I love just posting people reacting to me. I love seeing people react.

People have different ways of engaging. I love putting people on the forefront. ‘Cause someone within the Vanta Realm can literally have 10 followers, they post a video, I see it, I post it on my page and their following can go up. I’ve seen someone’s following go up by thousands. The video on their profile got literally three likes, on mine, it got like 117,000 and then they have thousands of follows from there and then they can do something like that. So that to me, I won’t really rank interaction ’cause these are numbers versus real human interaction, but when you’re looking at the numbers and what the numbers could mean to each and every individual, I think that does a lot more than replying to comments.

Q: Were you surprised by just how big the “war” got?

A: I wasn’t surprised by the scope of it. I’ve been expecting this. [laughter] Especially after the therapy, I was doing these meditations every day and the therapist just looked me straight in the eyes over Zoom and she was all like, “You know, you do these meditations, things like these are gonna happen.” I’m like, “Okay, cool. Let’s see.” [chuckle] And then I saw and the first thing that popped into my head was, “Oh, so the law of attraction works, okay. Manifestation and all this stuff works.” I was journaling and doing all this stuff and I’m like, “Hmm.”

Q: What do you mean by “the law of attraction?”

A: I don’t even wanna name drop, but the people that have been following me, these are people that have been famous for decades. The people that have gone from famous people to just straight up establishments and there was something in there about attracting like-minded people and when we’re chatting about like-minded people, I got a call from a very, very, very just eccentric, creative genius entrepreneur from Australia and we’ve been working on actually building the Vanta Realm, bringing it to life, having a whole universe of user-created law with characters like the Vanta Lord, like the rogue, featuring factions like the Sisterhood, that’s all both to take place on the metaverse.

So that’s really super, super, super exciting. Yeah, people, when they hit vantarealm.com, they fill in their details, it takes them straight to the Discord where they get a play-by-play and there’s a team working on everything. It’s absolutely incredible. So when you ask me if I’m surprised, it’s like I am most definitely not surprised. We post as many times a day as we do so that things like this can happen. We show genuine love and appreciation so things like this can happen. There’s content that I maybe would have made if I wasn’t creating for the Vanta Realm specifically, but now I’m just so grateful for everyone that watches the videos that I want to make, what they want to watch and I want to make what they want at the absolute highest level.

There’s a line in Kanye’s album where he talks about his daughter wanting Nikes, it’s like, “Got a gift from Northie, all she wants is Nikes, this is not about me, gotta stay alive,” and I’m like, “Yeah, this isn’t about me.” It’s like, North wants Nikes. Vanta Realm wants the council. It really became a thing where I was thinking about the law I created as a teenager and I was all like, “Yeah, I’m getting confirmation from these people that this is the greatest story to take place ever.”

Q: How big do you see Vanta Realm getting?

A: I sat down and I was looking at the biggest franchises of all time. ‘Cause I was like, Vanta Lord is going to be like dark Mickey Mouse. Like, what Mickey Mouse is to kids, Vanta Lord’s 100% going to be to adults and kids too. I was looking at Pokemon, I think it was, the biggest franchise with maybe I think 94 billion or whatever and I was just like, “Easy, easy. Vanta Realm is overtaking this.” It’s fact.

There comes a stage where you look at what you’re willing to do to make something what it is and then once you began to do it, then it becoming a reality is very much a fact. So when I look at this, then I smile like I’m Thanos. [chuckle] I’ve got two Infinity gloves even and I’m like, “Everything is going according to plan.”

Q: What can you tell us about Vanta Realm?

A: One of the best features that excites me so much is we are developing an interactive map of the entire Vanta Realm. So when you enter the Vanta Realm, there will be an entire interactive map. And when we say this is a universe of user-created law, every single video you’ve seen posted throughout this war and continue to get posted will actually become canon, official law within the Vanta Realm. So when we talk about factions like the Sisterhood, Your Gay Auntie, the mustard witch, everyone, everyone is going to be a part of this in some way, shape or form.

As far as the exact details of the mechanics, you know how us famous people be doing, we get a bunch of smart people that know exactly how to explain it perfectly. But with the various meetings that we’ve had, there’ll be a system where we can unlock your regions on the map. So in terms of just getting as many likes, like 1,000 likes to unlock this region, then 1,000 likes to unlock that region. We’ve got cartographers actually drawing out the map. They’ve now sent to me an Excel sheet to explain exactly what I want, how I’ve always envisioned the realm. I’m not quite sure yet if there will be character select, but our team is, when you’re talking about wolves, these are werewolves. I’m actually gonna compare them to the werewolves from Twilight, and I know, but those werewolves are kind of badass, I’m not gonna lie. They were really huge. [laughter]

I’m just so so so confident when it comes to what we’re building. We’re really going full RPG when we say this is going to take place in the metaverse. Once we get enough interest, once the whole realm is really invested in this, then we can take it pretty much any direction that we want. So yeah, people are gonna be able to see their ideas really come to life and this is a forever play, this is a forever thing. So the content that they create along the storyline will be able to propagate in perpetuity.

Q: The war attracted a lot of attention, even getting a mention on ESPN. What was it like when Comedy Central approached you for the “Council vs. Rogues” debate?

A: That time I was surprised, I admit it. Because Che had told me, “Yo, I’m on the phone, I’m on the phone with Rose from Comedy Central, she’s trying to reach out.” I sent Che my email address and then Rose from Comedy Central, shoutout Rose for setting up that amazing debate, she chatted to me for a bit. We got on Zoom really quickly, like from email to being on the meeting was maybe like an hour and that was on first contact. So that’s just incredible. She pitched the idea of having a debate between the council and the rogues, where we were going to go head-to-head and address everything that’s happened in the war and basically try to take each other’s heads off and we did that live on Twitch and TikTok. So that was one of the more incredible experiences within all of this.

Q: Was there a winner announced at the debate?

A: There isn’t a winner yet. We’ve been fighting our battles in stages, especially as a cool way to keep the whole war going and everything, it’s so much fun. During the debates, I am pleased to announce that the polls were 54% council and 46% rogues. Then the primordial Vanta Lord, my ultimate superpower form, he threw down the challenge of first to 100,000 soldiers on vantarealm.com wins this section of the battle, but the battle will very much continue.

Q: Did you know Che before this? How did you two come together on this?

A: Che and I did not speak to each other. What happened before we started, I think it was right before I called out for Ryan Reynolds’ support in the war, there was this video where [Che] messaged me and he was like, “Do you have a plan for this?” [chuckle] This was after the ESPN thing. I think after the ESPN thing on both ends, him and I were kind of just like, “Whoa, this is big. Okay, okay.” And then I think that’s when he was like, “Dude, do you have a plan for this?” then the Ryan Reynolds thing happened.

And I’ll be very, very honest, I really, really think that Ryan Reynolds knows exactly what’s going on. That was just a huge amount of tags. I felt so bad at some point, but then the other side of me was like, “Just a few more there, don’t be shy.” [chuckle] Che’s a super, super cool dude. He is a super, super, super cool dude, mega, mega-talented comedian. His stand-up is hilarious. This man is honestly a genius. His ability to create these comedic scenarios off the cuff is just magical. The man you see on TikTok is most definitely the real deal. He’s not faking being that funny. It’s not like a thing where you speak to him offline and then it’s a different situation, like a super, super inspirational, dude, very, very good person.

He’s a super busy dude, I’m super busy. Now we’re just seeing who can get the most soldiers on our side, so that’s cool. And it’s very unexpected obviously as these things are, but it’s like, just to randomly just be on a journey with someone whose videos you are watching for a while.

Q: You recently hit four million followers on TikTok; are you going to celebrate?

A: I hit four million? Hey! Where are the balloons? Get the balloons! Get the iced tea. Get the cake. We’re celebrating. I’m getting a bunch of girls and going on a yacht. It’s the first thing I’m doing. I’m a rock star now. Sisterhood, join me on this yacht and we shall conquer the rogues together. Get the drums, get the guitar, we’re dropping out a single. No, I’m joking. [laughter]

Q: Do you have any plans to expand your content beyond the Vanta Realm and what would that look like?

A: When you talk about expansion, I am very, very keen to start releasing music. When we talk about Instagram, YouTube… YouTube is a platform that I look at and I get a very, very devilish grin. When I see the YouTube logo, I want to start pulling out cameras and microphones and lights. Probably I should tone down my ambitions just for entering YouTube, just for like beginning and then build up the same way I did on TikTok where I basically just used TikTok as the notes app and I eventually got to making content. I used to really just chat to people who commented on my videos using the video reply feature and that was like 80% of my content.

Right now in the Vanta Realm, we probably have the best community in entertainment history. So when we’re talking about engagement, oh my goodness, we have a culture, forget engagement, there’s a way we will speak to each other if we see each other in the mall and that carries through, that carries through to people that have had success on YouTube, success on Instagram, success on Twitter, Snapchat. So I will 100% be expanding to all those platforms, including Netflix, including IMAX, including Billboard, including the Grammys.

Q: Can you tell us more about your music?

A: I’ve created an album that tells the story of the Primordial Vanta Lord and right now what we have is a multi-verse, Vanta-verse, if you call it, where what’s happened now in this war is separate from what’s happening when I speak to you, yes, because the Primordial Vanta Lord, he exists in every single Vanta reality. Where I speak to you now is like TikTok star Vanta Lord. There is a primordial form for me. I wrote the album specifically from the primordial attaching to me.

So that is now going to lead from this, into an EP, into an album and then pew. I probably shouldn’t have said the EP thing so loud. I have recorded the album, it is getting mixed and mastered. The EP I have written, I have not recorded it, but I’ve said it, so now I’m committing. Great. [laughter]

Q: The whole “Vanta Realm” is essentially your childhood fantasies and stories come to life in the grandest way possible. Is it strange to see something you’ve thought up as a kid click so much with people and why do you think it does?

A: In preschool, yeah, I was like a leader of some kind. So it’s like, what’s going on is almost genetic in a way. There’s no five-year period in my life where I didn’t lead something and now it’s a thing whereas I mature and grow, I’m understanding the dynamics of leadership a lot better, so it’s like now when I look at the different roles in my life that I’ve played, that was always prominent.

So when you kind of have that in your mind, you tend to fulfill the prophecy a bit. So then you find yourself speaking in front of large groups of people. So when you are looked at like a leader a lot of the time, you now get into this position you speak into large groups of people and then you start to see what works and what doesn’t work and such. I’ve come to find that people really, really like when you are being yourself at the highest level, people love that. If you swear, swear louder, yeah. If you eat live snails, eat them on camera. [laughter]

It’s like with the Boondocks, they made a character called Uncle Ruckus, he was Black and he hated black people. Black people love Uncle Ruckus, he’s iconic, but the man was a scumbag. So it’s like, everyone’s worried, “What if people hate on me? What if they this, what if they that?” People love scumbag characters. The Joker got his own movie, what are you saying? This guy was killing business dudes on the train and whatnot. But yeah, it’s like I’ve always been super, super comfortable being exactly who I am and that allowed me to become way more expressive when I speak, that allowed me to be as weird as I am. ‘Cause I think everyone is very, very weird.

That moment when you watch Captain America just with the hammer and then it’s like, “Avengers, assemble.” They’re at the highest level of their expression. They know everyone approves of what they’re watching, ’cause we’re all in IMAX to watch Captain America beat Thanos’ ass, watch Iron Man beat Thanos’ ass, watch Spider-Man beat Thanos’ ass and we have that approval from everyone. So then we’re allowed to be ourselves. When you get that approval from yourself, that’s when you start being like, “Yeah!” in general. You just carry that hyper-expressive energy in general.

Like if we’re talking about the 20-minute meditations, it’s like there comes a stage where I like to look at the house that I’m “buying” [laughter] on YouTube and I just kept watching this video up until like literally, I swear I own that house. It’s gonna be so weird signing papers to buy a house that I already own. You get to that stage when you tell yourself that you are great, when you tell yourself that you are smart, that you are incredible, that you are amazing and you are not afraid to be your most expressive self.

Q: In your eyes, what is it actually like having a following and clout versus what you thought it would be like before the fame?

A: Being famous is pretty much always a moment and it actually is not a case of how many followers you have or how many sales you have or whatever, but it’s a case of how much of a respectable person you are through what you’ve done for others. Being famous is actually an exercise and kindness in my opinion. It’s really, really kind to dedicate your time to make the absolute best movie you can like James Cameron, I believe on Avatar, he spent four years on that.

I was watching Avatar the other day, getting inspiration for the Vanta Realm and his designs and stuff and I was like, “My goodness, you can tell this took long.” Sometimes with CGI today, you can see that it looks kind of dodgy. Avatar, you’re trying to make them look fake, but you’re like, “Man, those hairs like… The Na’vi I think, the blue people, if you will, you can see the strands and everything and you’re like, “So did they put real hair there or like… ” I need to watch the behind-the-scenes.

But the point of what I’m saying is that now it’s like a service when you make videos for people online, for them to watch and enjoy and it’s like such a blessing and you get paid back with the support and the enthusiasm that people have. It’s very far from the trappings of success. Like when I made the joke about getting a bunch of girls on the yacht and such, things like that, some people, they get famous and they get rich and then they do things like that, but I can guarantee you we’re not gonna hear about them in like a year.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with partying on a yacht. I’ve partied on a yacht before, it was amazing. But when you make that the point of why you’re doing what you’re doing, then you have immediately confessed that there is no longevity to what you’re doing because 99% of the time you have to be creating what you’re doing, therefore, 100% of the time, you should be enjoying the process of creating that thing. So in those moments when things do expand like this, like they’ve been expanding within the Vanta Realm, it’s a moment in time that I’ve learned to really cherish and appreciate because it isn’t every time.

There is gonna become a moment where now this is normal. It can still be growing, it can still be feeling amazing, but then growth and amazing is what feels normal, yes. Apple is at a stage where they went from $2 trillion to $3 trillion, huge numbers. It feels normal to us. Now we’re used to Apple growing. Capturing that moment again where it’s like the first time ESPN acknowledges you, shoutout to Richard Jefferson.

To have those conversations with Comedy Central for the first time, to have a TV show conversation for the first time, having that moment where there’s the novelty to the fame and when people recognize you in the mall for the first time in that moment is transient and it’s really special. So in terms of dudes that wanna post online, get famous and get a bunch of girls… These are human beings, yes and human beings care about human beings, they don’t care about whatever number you’re attached to, yeah, so you better run the other way if someone is only with you because of your clouts or your money.

If you really are now staying focused on people that are in your life for the right reasons, then you don’t need to become famous to be with someone that cares about you. As in 99.9% of both men and women do not care about your clout. As we speak, like you and me, this is a human being conversation, a conversation between human beings. It’s like you’re gonna go off and do your thing, you have to eat to fill your stomach and do that. It’s like when you eventually have to shit out that meal, I’m not gonna be the one wiping your ass, yeah, you have to focus on you.

So there’s that aspect within fame where you kind of realize that it’s not exactly real, but your connection and your impact on people is. So it’s way more important to use your platform to be genuine, to be a good person and not just to push every other brand that comes through, just because you can get an extra $30,000 or whatever you will, which is life-changing money for a lot of people, yeah, super, super life-changing money for a lot of people. You can pay rent for a year with that, yeah. But it’s certainly worth your while if you kind of do play the long game, which I believe I have and actually care about the people within your community, within your society and try and make something bigger than that.

Q: Do you have any final words or thoughts for the people of the Vanta Realm?

A: I just actually want to tell you guys something. I saw this comment where it was saying, “Did you ever think that a character that you made up when you were a kid was ever gonna blow up like this? My inner child is crying for you and my inner adult is crying for you too.” I just stared at that comment for two seconds and then I was crying for like a whole hour.

I was, of course, always focused on the music, but I never really… I always saw posting videos online as a way to give attention to the music and everything, yeah and my main thing that I’ve been doing before TikTok and throughout TikTok with the music and such is building a secret society for the artistic elite where creatives, artists can exchange creation for creation instead of creation for cash. Having that super collaborative community and everything where people could create. Now it’s like, I’ve kind of been seeing this come to life. It’s like seeing that business model, that theory, that thesis really, really come to life through the Vanta Realm. When I was working on the Secret Society, the music, I was just posting videos on Snapchat like, “Okay, social media to market, what?” And then I was posting Instagram stories. And I did this since I was 18, yeah.

And when I was like crying, I was literally crying ’cause I was like, I don’t even know how I did that. I don’t even know how I just kept on going and going without no one looking at anything, no one caring about anything. And things that I had released before, I release to the Vanta Realm again and then people cared. So that is like, even now, just the most powerful thing ever. There are people that care. This isn’t just like people are thirst following me because I’m hot or whatever. Like with Vinnie Hacker, yeah, I saw he was trying to post anime on his profile, but then it’s like he’s one of those ultra attractive TikTok pretty boys, or at least that’s what he’s known for, yeah.

So he was trying to post anime, then he made a separate anime page ’cause he was just tired of people that didn’t really… Wasn’t really passionate about what he was passionate about. And with the Vanta Realm, I have to say I am so blessed, ’cause I used to kind of get the Vinnie Hacker treatment, believe it or not, early in the days. [chuckle] I just posted just like thirst traps. And from afar, the Vinnie Hacker thing looks amazing. It looks amazing being him. But then when you kind of know how it goes, when you wanna promote one thing and you wanna show that you’re passionate for one thing and make content about one thing but you’re known for another, then that’s always like… It’s a bit tricky. It’s different from the inside looking out.

So to the Vanta Realm, I honestly give the biggest thanks for allowing me to really just communicate exactly what I’m passionate about and always accepting my ideas with open arms. You guys have really, really changed my life, not from the perspective of followers, not from the perspective of attention or money, but from the perspective of knowing that there are people who value my ideas, which is really the ultimate win for me, the best win for me, knowing that there are people that would get behind something that I’ve created.

I always thought I was gonna be huge, more of like an underground billionaire. [laughter] Now I’m glad that I get to be a billionaire and have a billion people that are very glad to see what I have in store for them and want to see me win and I am so thankful for what we have. So to the Vanta Realm, I say thank you guys so much.

You can follow the Vanta Lord on TikTok @thevantalord and sign up for the Vanta Realm metaverse RPG at thevantarealm.com.

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