The New Sorcerer Supreme’s Costume Honors Doctor Strange in Cover Art

The New Sorcerer Supreme’s Costume Honors Doctor Strange in Cover Art

Clea, Doctor Strange’s ex-wife, has been named his successor as Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. A new variant comic cover shows her honoring her dead lover.

Marvel’s newest Sorcerer Supreme is making a rather stunning costume choice, honoring Doctor StrangeStrange #1 will begin Clea’s new story as Doctor Strange’s replacement. New cover art from comic artist Stanley “Artgerm” Lau presents her in his iconic attire.

The comic event, The Death of Doctor Strange, recently concluded. It ended with the titular character naming a successor for his role as Sorcerer Supreme – Clea. Clea and Stephen Strange have a long romantic history together within Marvel Comics, making this an unsurprising decision. Clea is a natural leader who has led resistances against her uncle, Dormammu, proving she has some incredible capabilities when it comes to magic.


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On Twitter, one of the variant covers for the first issue of the upcoming series Strange was shared. This comic has the creative team of Jed MacKay, Marcelo Ferreira, Sabine Rich, and Cory Petit. The series will follow Clea’s desire to resurrect Strange while she fulfills her duties as Earth’s new Sorcerer Supreme. The variant cover features Clea in Doctor Strange’s classic costume, honoring the Marvel hero – not the one she has been in during the series or any from her own comic history.

Doctor Strange’s classic ensemble within this Marvel cover art includes his blue tunic, complete with his magical golden sash. Additionally, Clea is wearing the Cloak of Levitation, the Eye of Agamotto clasping it, and Doctor Strange’s spotted yellow gloves. The outfit is stunning and it looks positively great on Clea, though it would be fantastic if she kept her own look officially within the series – with the exception of the Cloak of Levitation, the Eye of Agamotto, and Strange’s sash. These are magical artifacts that have come in handy during Doctor Strange’s adventures. They could prove handy as Clea takes over his responsibilities and the new challenges that will come along with being a Sorcerer Supreme.

Clea’s outfits are usually purple, occasionally with pink elements. Her costume is very distinct from Doctor Strange’s which makes this cover art stand out. Considering their previous relationship, as well as her desire to bring him back, it isn’t too surprising to see Clea honoring her deceased ex-husband in this way. Sorcerer Supremes don’t have uniforms, but Doctor Strange’s costume has become iconic. Like many of Marvel’s major heroes, his outfit hasn’t changed a great deal over the years – though there have been variations and updates on occasion. Nonetheless, it is Doctor Strange’s signature outfit and certainly isn’t one Clea should maintain within the series itself. It serves best as an homage and tribute to Doctor Strange, not as everyday wear for her. Her own costume is already very distinct and recognizable, though it would certainly look great with the Cloak of Levitation. Fans can see the latest adventures of Earth’s newest Sorcerer Supreme – and check out this incredible cover art by Artgerm – when Strange #1 releases March 2.

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