Rachel Maddow To Take A Break From Her Show To Work On Other Projects

Rachel Maddow To Take A Break From Her Show To Work On Other Projects

Rachel Maddow is expected to announce to her audience that she will be taking a weeks-long break from her show to work on other projects.

According to Business Insider:

Rachel Maddow is stepping back from her prime-time weekday show on MSNBC to work on movie and podcast projects, she told her team Monday, according to two sources with knowledge of conversations. The star news anchor is expected to share with viewers of “The Rachel Maddow Show” tonight that she’ll take a break starting next week but will be back in “a few weeks,” said an MSNBC insider. 

Maddow is taking time off to work on a Focus Features movie based on her book and podcast, “Bag Man,” about a political bribery scandal. 

Rachel Maddow’s New MSNBC Contract Is More Money For Fewer Shows

There will be more Maddowless Rachel Maddow shows in the future, as Maddow’s new MSNBC contract will pay her more money for fewer shows. Sharp-eyed viewers may have already noticed that Friday night guest hosts are becoming more common on The Rachel Maddow Show, and breaks such as the one that Maddow will announce are also going to happen on a regular basis.

MSNBC has said that if big news happens, Maddow will be around to cover it. The timing of her break makes sense. Biden isn’t expected to announce his Supreme Court nominee soon, and the 1/6 Committee won’t begin holding hearings until at least March, so barring some sort of unexpected news event, this could be a fairly quiet time in American politics.

Rachel Maddow will be back, but her viewers need to be prepared for her absence.

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