George Conway: Trump Needs A Miranda Warning

George Conway: Trump Needs A Miranda Warning

George Conway told CNN’s New Day that Trump incriminated himself during his Texas rally this weekend.

Trump followed his rally with a statement admitting he tried to overturn the free and fair election.

Conway said, “Somebody should read him his Miranda rights, his right to remain silent, He’s just incriminating himself with all of these statements.”

Earlier in the interview Conway laid out a host of actions Trump and his team took to try and pull off a coup against Joe Biden.

“If it were possible for someone to violate their oath of office before even taking it, [Trump] just did that there,” Conway stated.

New Day host John Berman asked George Conway about the statement Trump had Liz Harrington release on Twitter, which has now been deleted.


Conway was livid.

“He just is incriminating himself with all of these statements…He’s a very arrogant man…Every so often, when it comes to his bad intent, he tells the truth and that’s what he’s telling here. He wanted this election to be overturned against the results, against the will of the people. He wanted to end constitutional democracy in the United States, and he’s just out and out admitting it now,” Conway said.

Conway continued, “He only cares about one thing, and that’s himself. It’s just a complete disgrace, he is beneath contempt, and the notion that he could possibly run for president again and be elected…is frankly a stain and an embarrassment to the country.”


After watching Trump’s crazy rally, I tweeted this.

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