Best February Memes & Images

Best February Memes & Images

Get your LOL on with these funny February Memes for 2022!

Here we are. February 2022, to think where we are and what we have survived over the last 2 years – give yourself a round of applause. Thru the crazy, one thing has kept me in good spirits. A good funny meme.

Funny February Memes

Lets survive, thrive and laugh this month with these hilariously funny February Memes!

february memes and images
february images and meme

We have 28 days in February this year, no leap year in 2022. But like this February meme says…. February is like a mullet. At first it looks short but looking back, it’s long. Business in the front, party in the back. Can anyone else believe that mullets are back in?

february mullet meme

As much as I despise the haircut, how cool is this. A kid won a mullet costume and donated more than $7,000 to children in the foster care system. (source: southern living)HUGE heart eyes for this!

its february meme

If you had a crappy January 2022, no worries. Just call January a trial month. The real deal can start in February 2022.

funny february meme

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February 1st Memes

When you can’t believe that the first of the month is already here, enjoy these February 1st memes. Also, no judgement if it’s February 1st and you still have your Christmas tree up.

february 1 meme
february 1st meme

If we weren’t in quarantine for Christmas, we too would still have our Christmas tree up for all to judge us!

Mark yourself safe from January with this funny February 2022 meme. You can’t scare me about January any more. I survived, and if you are reading this – so did you!

marked safe meme
marked safe from january 2022 meme

Hello February Images

Goodbye January, hello February images. And like this meme says, please be nice. We’ve had a hard few years.

hello february meme
hello february meme

If you love you some yellow guys, you will love these minion memes!

minion february image
goodbye january hello february image

A little pretty Hello February image to start the love month.

pretty hello february image
pretty hello february image

Salt Bae sprinkling that salt over the month of January.

goodbye january hello february image

Who is ready for Valentine’s day? Make sure to check out our vday memes below!

hello february image
hello february image

Fun fact about February. Did you know that the least amount of births happen in February? While it’s the month for lovers, sounds like there is more baby making rather than baby birthing this month. source:

I Survived Dry January

Did you make it thru January doing dry January? Back in our January memes, we shared about this really neat movement of people going sober in January.

i survived dry january meme
i survived dry january meme

If you are a Dry January survivor (or shall I say thriver?) – then these memes are for you. And if you made it the entire month sober – I’m clapping you on from this other side of your monitor!

sober meme dry january
31 days sober meme

February Birthday Memes

Have a February birthday or celebrating someone you love this month? If so, these February Birthday memes are for you.

its my birthday meme february
february birthday meme

Walking into my February birthday month like…

birthday february month meme
my birthday month february meme

Queens are born in February.

february birthday queen meme

So are Legends.

legends are born in february meme

Don’t miss our huge collection of birthday memes, for celebrating anyone!

More Memes About February

Here are more February memes for sharing.

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