Battlefield 2042 players are now taking out their ire on EA support reps

Battlefield 2042 players are now taking out their ire on EA support reps

Thanks to the lack of any real news about the future of Battlefield 2042, and a desire to keep the flames of rage burning, some in the game’s community have taken to harassing EA customer support agents.

In a now-deleted thread on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit, one player posted a screenshot of a conversation they had with an EA support representative. Generally, those people are there to help with refund requests, technical support problems, and any other issues a player might run into with the game. Their job, of course, is not to pass along community sentiment about games to EA.

And yet, this is exactly what’s happened here. Given the overwhelming negativity on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit, this little stunt was likely attempted to earn the Reddit user some internet points – which it has – before the thread was removed.

So far, DICE’s first and only communication in the new year didn’t offer any information about what players can expect from the game going forward. Battlefield 2042 did receive a small new patch, alongside some portal XP earn tweaks, with the promise of a major update later this month.

DICE, however, has been suspiciously quiet about future content or any particular changes in design direction coming down the road, leading many to believe that the leaked start date for the first season is accurate.

EA’s earnings call takes place later today, where the publisher is expected to make some comment about Battlefield 2042 and its performance. It’s best to keep your expectations in check, however, as these types of calls often offer vague language and no real specifics. Nevertheless, there are reports that EA may be looking to turn certain components of Battlefield 2042 free to play, so we could hear something about that on the call.

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