Apex Legends Defiance gameplay trailer shows of Control, Mad Maggie, and a ruined Olympus

Apex Legends Defiance gameplay trailer shows of Control, Mad Maggie, and a ruined Olympus

Another week, another Apex Legends trailer! That’s right, a short but sweet gameplay trailer for the upcoming Defiance update has just dropped showcasing the myriad new additions and changes coming to the popular battle royale later this month.

This trailer comes close behind a series of cinematic trailers showcasing the narrative set up to the season, and goes a long way in fleshing out what the actual gameplay implications of the season will be. You can watch the trailer yourself linked below:

First things first – Control! This limited-time game mode is set to drop alongside season 12 and puts two teams of nine against each other as they fight over three objective markers spread across the map. From the gameplay trailer, it appears to be your typical King of the Hill game mode, although it does come alongside infinite revives and an in-game ranking system that appears to upgrade your weapons as you score more points.

Next up is Mad Maggie, the new character dropping into Apex Legends this season. While we’ve seen plenty of Mags recently, a good look at her kit has been sorely missing. This trailer remedies that, and shows off many of her abilities including a cover-piercing thermal charge and a bouncing ball projectile that appears to deal massive damage to those it hits and provide some sort of buff to Maggie as she runs in its wake.

Finally, we get a closer look at the new Olympus, fresh from disaster and much worse for ware. The biggest change to the geography appears to be the addition of teleported structures and obstacles added throughout the map, which act as makeshift landmarks and cover.

Apex Legends Defiance is launching worldwide on February 8 for PC and consoles. If you missed the previous trailers, you can check out our articles on the Apex Legends Defiance announcement trailer, and the Apex Legends season 12 launch trailer.

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