A Golden Corral Fight Ensued Outside Of Philadelphia After The Buffet Ran Out Of Steak

A Golden Corral Fight Ensued Outside Of Philadelphia After The Buffet Ran Out Of Steak

Last Friday night, a brawl ensued at a Golden Corral buffet outside of Philadelphia in response to the restaurant running out of steak. Chairs flew, employees were hurt and no one got their fast food. The video was posted yesterday to Facebook by Pennsylvania native Jedd Chris, who earned roughly 1,800 views for the chaotic scene and coverage from Philadelphia local news.

The Golden Corral is located in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, a suburb of larger Philadelphia. Eyewitness reports relay that the brawl took place after a misunderstanding about the steak, inspiring the customer base to become violent. According to ABC 6 Action News, a customer named Alexis Rios was in the buffet line when the customer in front of him became angry. This was because Rios received his steak first. Rios insisted to the angry stranger that it was because he ordered a rare steak while the stranger ordered his well-done. Rios further speculated that because everyone was wearing masks, it was hard to hear, which might have escalated the tension.

Apparently, no one was hurt, but Rios said he got a bruise on his nose. And his brother got a black eye. And his other brother got a lifted nail. With the high chairs flying and the tables flipping, Rios said he picked up a chair just to defend himself.

Local police are currently investigating the brawl, trying to pin down who to charge and who not to. But the brawl may have involved more than 40 people, making the authority’s job a little tricky. However, the hypothesis of steak being the culprit is almost full-proof, as there is a moment in the clip where someone actually shouts, “All I wanted was some steak.”

The video was shared on Twitter yesterday and users reacted accordingly, posting Golden Corral fight memes and tweets inspired by the absurdity of rowdy Americans demanding more buffet steak. Overall, people were shocked online by the brutality of the footage. It really is unhinged, as if 40 people decided to let off steam on each other with no awareness for the interior design around them.

Being “hangry” is one thing but when you’re throwing silverware at mac ‘n’ cheese enjoyers on a Friday evening, it might be wise to get some professional, anger-management counseling. Regardless, this viral video is another case of Americans cementing a negative stereotype, easily exploitable for meme creators and funny tweet-senders around the globe.

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