Trump Incriminates Himself In Seditious Conspiracy Targeting Pence

Trump Incriminates Himself In Seditious Conspiracy Targeting Pence

Trump admitted in writing to the entire world that he tried to make Mike Pence overturn the 2020 election.

Trump Admits His Coup Plot

Trump railed against changing the Electoral Count Act, but it is the last part of the statement that is damning:

Donald J. Trump Incriminates Himself In Seditious Conspiracy

Trump is threatened by losing the ability to steal the next election to such a degree that he admitted that the point of all of the pieces of the puzzle the 1/6 attack, the forged election documents, the fake slates of electors, the pressure on swing states to claim fraud were all intended for a singular purpose.

The goal was to get Mike Pence to refuse to certify the election. The point has been stated by other people who were part of Trump’s conspiracy, but the man at the top of the plot is admitting that he wanted his vice president to trash democracy and overturn the election for him.

Trump admitted the motive for his conspiracy.

The 1/6 Committee, the Department of Justice, and any other law enforcement agency, state or federal that might be investigating Trump has a huge piece of the puzzle confirmed.

Donald Trump can’t stop talking. His constant need for attention may end up getting him criminally charged for election crimes.



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