The Halo TV series finally has an actual, solid release date

The Halo TV series finally has an actual, solid release date

It’s taken years. It’s taken a myriad of delays, a ludicrous number of producers and writers and show-runners, and a lot of determination from a very dedicated production crew. But – finally – the Halo TV series is coming. It’s got a proper release date and everything: March 24, 2022.

We got our first look at the Halo TV series back at the Xbox 20th anniversary showcase in November 2021. Then, we got another brief teaser in November before a full-fat trailer dropped towards the end of the year.

The company behind the show, Paramount, dropped a two-minute trailer for the premium show last night, and it gives us a lot more information about what to expect from the highly-anticiapted project. The trailer overview seems to suggest we’re diverging from the established canon of the games; the actual Halo ring discovery appears to be different, there appear to be more Spartans out there, and UNSC top brass seems wary of Chief and Halsey. Interesting.

Halo fans may also notice that we get a fairly generic orchestral score supporting the trailer, rahter than that iconic Halo music. Will we actually see that hallowed music make an appearance at all in the show? Is Paramount saving the gooseflesh-inducing music for a reveal of a Halo ring itself? Will the music in the show be better than the rubbish in the teaser above? We’ll have to wait and see.

It’s been a long old wait for this nine-episode series, so here’s hoping our patience pays off. The show has had a fairly troubled development, and even lost Steven Kane – showrunner on the series – earlier this year.

The show casts American Gods’ Pablo Schreiber as the man behind the iconic helmet, with Natascha McElhone joining the cast as Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey (Master Chief’s ‘mum’ or ‘girlfriend’, depending on your take on the whole weird relationship.) Cortana’s actress, Jen Taylor, will reprise her role for the show, too. Though you’ll see from the footage in the trailer above that she’s not naked and blue this time. Probably for the best, eh?

The show will air on Paramount+ in the US, which means it’ll be available to watch on Sky in the UK (since Paramount+ will arrive on that provider on these shores).

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