The Batman: First clip featuring the The Riddler

The Batman: First clip featuring the The Riddler

The first footage from the new Batman movie brings some tense, crime thriller action to Gotham — and really shows off what this version of the Riddler (Paul Dano) is capable of. As Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) attends a funeral, a commotion outside turns into a graffitied-covered car crashing into the church.

This version of the Riddler is less “green suit adorned with question marks” and more “masked serial murder with some serious Zodiac Killer vibes.” In this clip, we don’t explicitly see him, but the mysterious figure watching the chaos from the balcony while everyone else runs away is definitely ominous.

Robert Pattinson’s Batman (Robert Battinson) is a clearly a brooder, saying little but looking like a tortured Byronic hero in the grey-toned church. Director Matt Reeves said that he tapped into Kurt Cobain for inspiration for this version of the hero, highlighting both power and vulnerability.

The Batman — in all its three-hour long glory — will hit theaters on March. 4.

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