Jen Psaki Calls Out Republican SCOTUS Hypocrites

Jen Psaki Calls Out Republican SCOTUS Hypocrites

Jen Psaki said that Republicans who are complaining about Biden promising to nominate a black woman were silent when Trump promised to nominate a woman.


Psaki said, “I would note that there is a long history here. President Reagan promised the country that he would nominate the country’s first woman to serve on the court, and he did. Former President Trump also promised to choose a woman just over a year ago, and there was no such complaint from the voices on the right who are speaking out now, but the President’s commitment is to deliver on the promise that he made to the country. There is no question in his mind that there is a wealth of qualified, talented black women to choose from.”

Republicans are trying to find anything to criticize Biden for

Press Secretary Psaki was correct. Republicans are contradicting themselves and in some cases rewriting history incorrectly to justify their concerns and criticisms of Biden’s commitment to nominating a black woman to sit on the Supreme Court.

Republicans have become the party of whites only. Not all Republicans feel this way, but by going out of their way to try to find something to criticize the President for without making their racism obvious, some Republicans are showing that their issue is not with the nominating process, but with the fact that President Biden’s nominee will not be white.

These same Republicans were quiet when Trump announced that he would be nominating a woman, so it is logical that their real issue isn’t with Biden’s announcement but with the promise that he intends to keep.


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