Curb Your Enthusiasm Star Credits Larry David for Maria Sofia’s Bad Acting

Curb Your Enthusiasm Star Credits Larry David for Maria Sofia’s Bad Acting

Keyla Monterroso Mejia, who plays Maria Sofia in season 11 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, credits Larry David with bringing out her character’s bad acting.

Curb Your Enthusiasm star Keyla Monterroso Mejia, who plays Maria Sofia, has credited series creator Larry David with the character’s bad acting. The eleventh season of the popular HBO series has recently wrapped up and for many fans, it was one of the best so far. At 74, David has managed to keep audiences laughing with his unique brand of cynical and neurotic comedy since first gaining fame as the co-creator of Seinfeld. Though there has been speculation as to how much longer Curb will continue, it still seems to be going just as strong as ever.

Having already run for two seasons longer than Seinfeld did, David (who plays an exaggerated version of himself) has cast a wide range of co-stars to help ensure the comedy stays strong. Arguably one of the best decisions made in the series was to bring Leon Black (J.B. Smoove) on as Larry’s housemate and friend. But in the eleventh season, David introduced a character that fans loved to hate. After being blackmailed in the first episode into casting Maria Sofia as the love interest in his new TV series, Larry discovers – to his utter horror – that her acting is bad on an almost unprecedented level. Watching her grossly misinterpret everything from tone to the most basic elements of timing is absolutely hilarious.


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Instantly becoming one of the highlights of Curb’s eleventh season, Mejia’s bad acting ability actually takes a lot of skill to pull off. Because the series is unscripted, the character’s reactions feel so much more natural, nailing the essential cringe element that so much of Curb’s comedy depends on. While talking with Inside Edition recently about her character and time on the series, Mejia admitted that Maria Sofia’s terrible acting chops came as a result of her real-life audition, in which she improvised opposite David, who “just brings something out of you.” The 23-year-old Mejia did her best to explain the chemistry, saying:

I think it wasn’t until I actually auditioned with Larry David and did some improv with him. He just brings something out of you and I can’t really explain.

Larry and Jeff look concerned on the Young Larry set in Curb Your Enthusiasm

Like many Curb characters over the years, Maria Sofia’s presence is a constant thorn in Larry’s side. The season ends with Larry fantasizing about finally being rid of her, but the audience never really finds out what happens to the character. Given her popularity, however, there’s no doubt that more than a few Curb fans would love to see her return for the twelfth season. Long-time cast member Jeff Garlin, who plays Larry’s manager Jeff, has previously said that he doesn’t think David has too many Curb seasons left in him. Hopefully the few that do remain involve Maria Sofia’s continued ability to drive Larry insane.

If there was a downside to the eleventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, it was that audiences didn’t get to see enough of the production on Larry’s new TV series. It could be argued that viewers were given just enough of Maria Sofia to keep her from actually becoming an annoying presence on the show, but a little bit more of the character could have still brought some solid laughs. Hopefully, if there is a twelfth season and Mejia returns, there will be more of a focus on her frustrating yet hilarious relationship with Larry.

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