The Walking Dead’s Georgia Set Hit With Snow for First Time in Years

The Walking Dead’s Georgia Set Hit With Snow for First Time in Years

The Walking Dead’s director of photography shares a behind-the-scenes look at snow falling on the Commonwealth soldiers while shooting season 11.

While shooting its final season, The Walking Dead‘s set in Georgia was hit with snow for the first time in years. The Walking Dead is a drama series based on the comic book series of the same name created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The series follows a group of survivors of the zombie apocalypse who face constant threats from both the walkers and other factions of survivors. The Walking Dead season 1 premiered on AMC in 2010, and its final season, season 11, is expected to conclude this year.

In The Walking Dead season 11, the survivors of Alexandria struggle with their community’s lack of food due to past conflicts. This leads to a group of the survivors clashing with the Reapers at Maggie’s (Lauren Cohan) former home while another group is entangled with the Commonwealth, a community of survivors introduce in The Walking Dead season 10. The Commonwealth is a large group of survivors who appears to have a means of mass production and has an army of uniformed soldiers.


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The current director of photography for The Walking Dead Duane Charles Manwiller shared on Instagram today a shot of snow falling on the TV show’s set in Atlanta, Georgia. In a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the show’s final season, Manwiller’s post shows a black and white photo of snow falling on Commonwealth soldiers. The cinematographer jokes in his caption that the picture is “hot off the press”. Check out Manwiller’s post below:

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Manwiller, who has worked on The Walking Dead since 2017, additionally shares in his post’s caption that this weather is the first real snowfall in all his time with the show. Naturally, thanks to The Walking Dead‘s long and successful run on AMC, the post’s comments are filled with fans excited by the behind-the-scenes look. Some fans can’t wait to see the snow appear in upcoming episodes for The Walking Dead season 11, while others remarked how cool the Commonwealth soldiers looked in the falling snow, and one fan returned Manwiller’s joke saying the picture was “cold off the press”. It’ll be interesting to see if the snowy scene actually appears on screen, or if production came to a halt for the inclement weather. The Walking Dead typically films in the sweltering heat, so the snow is certainly a change of pace.

The Walking Dead’s final season is far from over. AMC has aired eight episodes out of the 24 expected for season 11, and Manwiller’s post shows that the whole cast and crew are hard at work, no matter the weather, completing the show’s final season. And when The Walking Dead finally ends, fans eager for more zombie survivors can turn to its spinoffs Fear the Walking Dead and the upcoming Tales of the Walking Dead.

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Source: Duane Charles Manwiller

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