How Big Is Tesla’s Cybertruck Battery?

How Big Is Tesla’s Cybertruck Battery?

Tesla’s Cybertruck is expected to have a pretty decent range for a vehicle its size. The triple-motor model is said to offer a 500-mile range.

Tesla‘s Cybertruck is expected to come with several cool features, including a pretty decent range for a vehicle its size. Despite multiple delays that have delayed the launch of the Cybertruck, interest in the car remains high. It is expected to ship with premium hardware in numerous configurations, including a top-of-the-line quad-motor setup that promises to offer a class-leading range.

The Cybertruck was expected to go into production later this year, but the 2022 production date was removed from the company’s website earlier this month, suggesting that it has been delayed once again. Recent photos also indicate that its design has also been tweaked somewhat to make it street-legal, although much of the original design remains intact for the most part.


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Initially, the Cybertruck was expected to ship in single, dual, and triple-motor configurations. However, Elon Musk has since confirmed that there will also be a quad-motor model, which is now expected to be the top-of-the-line variant. While neither Tesla nor Musk has officially announced the exact battery specs of the upcoming truck, the company has claimed that the triple-motor model will run 500 miles on a single charge. The dual-motor model is expected to do 300 miles, while the entry-level single-motor model is said to go about 250 miles between charges. Meanwhile, the company has also confirmed that every model will have a 250-kW charging cable.

‘CrabWalk’ And ‘Tank Turn’

Tesla Cybertruck Leaked Photo Jan 2022

Even though much of the Cybertruck’s specs remain under wraps, Elon Musk has disclosed some of the highlight features of the upcoming vehicle through his tweets. In one such tweetstorm in December, Musk confirmed that the Tesla Cybertruck would get the so-called ‘CrabWalk’ feature that will enable it to move diagonally. In addition, he had earlier announced that the vehicle would also have the ability to turn on the spot like a tank. The CrabWalk feature was first revealed by GMC for its Hummer Electric Vehicle last year, while the ‘Tank Turn’ was initially demoed by the Rivian R1T pickup in 2019.

Speaking of the Hummer EV and the Rivian R1T, they will be two of the biggest rivals for the Tesla Cybertruck whenever it launches. It will also face stiff competition from the electric version of the Chevy Silverado, one of the largest-selling pickup trucks in the U.S. Then there’s the Ford F-150 Lightning, the Sierra Denali electric, and the RAM 1500 EV, all of which will make the electric pickup scene in the U.S. one of the most interesting and hotly-contested ones in the coming years.

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