Biden Erupts: Unaffordable Meds ‘Strips You Of Your Dignity, Dammit!’

Biden Erupts: Unaffordable Meds ‘Strips You Of Your Dignity, Dammit!’

During his remarks about infrastructure and the need for his Build Back Better plan on Friday, Biden brought up the heartbreak of a working parent unable to afford drugs for a child:

BIDEN: Imagine being a parent making the minimum wage or twice the minimum wage and having a child with type 1 diabetes. Knowing that if you can’t – and have no insurance – knowing that if you cannot get that money for the insulin, the child may die. In addition to your child, it strips you of your dignity, dammit! Could you imagine looking at your child and you know what they need and not be able to do it?

Biden has lost two children: one in a car accident and one to cancer. As tragic as those deaths were, neither died because he was unable to provide life-saving medicine. It’s not a surprise that the very thought would enrage him.

The Build Back Better Act would allow the federal government to negotiate the price of insulin and other drugs. It’s beyond outrageous that Republicans and Manchinema care more about their politics than the lives of Americans.

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