Wordle 224: January 29, 2022 Answer

Wordle 224: January 29, 2022 Answer

Woulda, shoulda got it right.

January 29th’s Wordle answer poses some questions over whether or not players can get it right. Wordle has certainly taken the social media world by storm with little green and yellow boxes littering the timelines of many. This simple word-guessing game gained popularity throughout the beginning of 2022 and has stayed a staple of people’s day with its simple design, one-a-day gameplay, and shared, but not spoiled, social media presence.

Wordle begins with six rows of five boxes, to start players need to guess a random five-letter word. Once guessed, the game will highlight certain letters green if they are correct, yellow if they are correct but in the wrong spot, or grey if they are not in the word at all. With this information, players move on to the second guess in hopes of nailing down the correct word within the six-chance limit. There is also a Wordle ‘Hard Mode’ that can be turned on in the options, this mode forces players to use the hints given previously by not allowing letters that have been shown to be incorrect.


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While Wordle itself is an enjoyable experience, it’s the sharing aspect that has certainly brought it into the public consciousness. After a puzzle is completed players are given the option to share their results with the social media “Share” button. When clicked, the website will copy the puzzle over to the player’s clipboard for easy pasting on whatever their chosen social media is. The most enjoyable part is that the letters guessed, as well as the actual solution is removed and all that is copied is the name, number of attempts, and colored boxes that show the progress of the day’s challenge. This has created many mornings on Twitter’s timeline to be filled with tiny yellow, green, and grey boxes.

Wordle’s January 29, 2022 (#224) Hints & Answer

Wordle January 29th 224 Saturday Attempt

Today’s Wordle answer sets itself up to be trouble for some, but for those who don’t wish to be told outright what the answer is, we’ve got a few hints before the big reveal.

  • Hint #1: This Wordle answer often questions the possibility of something.
  • Hint #2: Although we weren’t sure, that little engine made it up the hill.
  • Hint #3: Today’s Wordle answer certainly brings up questions about woodchucks.

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Wordle 223 Answer (January 28)

If the hints didn’t give it away, today’s Wordle answer is COULD. A common word used to indicate possibility, or make a polite request. As always a strong starting word is best for Wordle and today we used ROAST. This gave us very little information but did solidify the vowel. Next, the word BOING was used which only helped eliminate some possible letters. LOVED was next which gave away just enough information for us to solve the puzzle.

Wordle continues to be enjoyed by many due to its simple premise and perfectly sharable boxes that look so good on social media.

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