The 12 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards Sold As Of 2022

The 12 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards Sold As Of 2022

Three valuable Pokémon cards spread across a background image of money.

Image: PWCC / Kotaku / Mark Wilson (Getty Images)

The ongoing demand for rare and valuable Pokémon cards has led to a frenzy out there, as people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on unopened boxes and rare cards. Celebrities and popular influencers have got involved over the last two years too, blowing up the situation further. It’s gotten to the point where stores are being flooded with collectors, scalpers, and fans, all of which have come together to create chaotic scenes. As a result of all this, some retail stores started suspending the sale of Pokémon cards altogether. It’s wild times, for sure.

(This list was originally published July 3, 2021. It has been updated with more valuable cards.)

Perhaps after seeing all that, you might be wondering what, exactly, people are hoping to unearth in packs. Or maybe you’d like to know if that binder full of cards up in your attic is worth anything?

After speaking to a large-scale auction house called PWCC Marketplace and doing some independent research, I’ve compiled a list of the rarest, most valuable Pokémon cards around. For this list, I decided against duplicates, as otherwise this article would be composed of mostly different types of Charizard cards and one lone trainer card.

(Also, a quick shoutout to the rare Ishihara Pokémon card that recently sold at auction for a mind-blowing $240,000. It features artwork depicting Pokémon company’s actual CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara and was only given out during his 60th birthday party in 2017. What made this particularly rare card even more valuable was that the CEO had actually signed this copy, which helps explain how it sold for so much. Cool card, crazy price, but the signature keeps it off our list as it makes it something different than a standard, rare Pokémon card in our opinion.)

Be warned: The numbers you’re about to see are large. Here are, as of now, the top 10 most expensive Pokémon cards in history.

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