Newsmax: Breyer Retirement Is Plot To Put Hillary In White House

Newsmax: Breyer Retirement Is Plot To Put Hillary In White House

Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield blared out a new wingnut conspiracy theory, which is literally his job.

Today’s lie: The retirement of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer could enable Hillary Clinton to be the VP and then the 2024 Democratic presidential nominee.

They just can’t quit her.

Stinchfield is pushing the nonsense that Kamala Harris would be the great choice to go on the court.

“Tapping her would give Democrats a chance to rescue themselves for 2024,” Stinchfield said.

Then the crazy gears began to churn in Stinchfield’s brain.

“But what if folks? What if he picked Hillary Clinton to be his vice president? Oh, boy, ” he exclaimed.

“Then what if he picks Hillary Clinton and then decides to resign a short time later? Hillary gets the White House and then ultimately the chance to run as an incumbent. If you don’t think that they’re thinking about this, think again.”

“This is not far-fetched at all,” he quipped. Not in the fever swamps of conservative QAnon.

Then Stinchfield pulled out the big names to get his audience REALLY riled up.

“This is one potential strategy, that I promise you. Who’s thinking about it? Barack Obama, Susan Rice and George Soros. They’re the ones considering this. After all, they’re the ones who are pulling the strings, right?”


It must be true since Stinchfield concocted it, right?

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