Twitter Content Warning | Know Your Meme

Twitter Content Warning | Know Your Meme


On December 7th, 2021, the official Twitter account of Twitter Safety posted a tweet that detailed a new “Content Warning” feature being tested. It included a GIF on how to use the content feature. A user can hit an “Edit” button at the bottom right of their photo or video. From there, they can hit the “Flag” symbol, giving them the option to mark the content as either “Violence, Nudity or Sensitive.” The tweet detailed that this was for users who wanted warnings, referencing the concept of trigger warnings. The tweet (shown below) received over 900 likes in one month.

Twitter users didn’t notice the feature en masse until late January 2022. Twitter user valledamoth was the first on the platform to notice, posting a tweet on January 24th that said, “While meddling with filters, I found that there are ‘flags’ or content warning… when you choose em they blur out the image :0” The tweet (shown below) received over 30 likes in three days.

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