Oddly Satisfying and Soothing: Snow Removal TikTok – Memebase

Oddly Satisfying and Soothing: Snow Removal TikTok – Memebase

As humans we find a lot of surprising things oddly satisfying. Not too long ago people were flocking to shearing TikTok to ease their anxieties, and how can anyone forget the wondrous and huge world of ASMR? 


Well, there’s a new satisfying trend going around TikTok for the season and it’s snow removal. Who would’ve thought watching someone shoveling snow from their driveway would make you feel so calm? Or seeing a snow ploy roll through a treelined street with snow rolling off its blade. Even snow getting slowly scraped off the top of a car or truck seems to do the trick. 


Some didn’t quite understand the assignment and paired their satisfying snow removal video with too intense of a song, but hit mute and my god your jaw looses, your shoulders drop. The ones that did fully understand the assignment and gave their snow removal video a soothing melody in the background, well they’ll just about cure you of your depression. 


“Raw 3am clearing”

“Here we go again”

“Power shovel”

“Powdered snow…”


“Oddly satisfying”


Why are these so satisfying? Who knows! Let’s not question the madness. TikTokers everywhere are just reaping it’s soothing benefits.




“Scarping Snow off of a truck”


“Snow removal dance”


“Snow rolling off this blade is just so satisfying”

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