Lauren Boebert Claims Joe Biden is Helping “Illegals In the Dead of Night”

Lauren Boebert Claims Joe Biden is Helping “Illegals In the Dead of Night”

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Col.) was criticized after she claimed that President Joe Biden is helping undocumented Americans “in the dead of night,” in yet another example of how she has evoked images of a crisis at the nation’s southern border to score political points with her base.

“Even Joe Biden understands that what he’s doing with these illegals is wrong – or he wouldn’t be doing it in the dead of the night.”

“If he’s so proud, why not do it for all to see in broad daylight?” she added.

Boebert did not offer evidence for her claim though it does appear to come after House Republicans criticized Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, accusing him of “dereliction of duty” and suggesting that he has not met the Department of Homeland Security’s “intended mission by securing the border and resuming interior enforcement.”

“Given that we had a record-breaking two million illegal crossings in 2021, we are deeply concerned that this initiative is a misuse of taxpayer dollars, a paltry attempt to distract the American people from your failure to secure the border, and a dangerous reorientation of the Department’s real job: protecting against threats to the Homeland,” 40 Republicans said in a letter addressed to Mayorkas.

Yesterday, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich claimed President Biden and his administration are “subsidizing and basically decriminalizing people entering this country illegally.” Brnovich and Fox News personality Harris Faulkner suggested that the Biden administration is purposely releasing migrants into the country to sow chaos.

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