I Will Not Eat The Bugs

I Will Not Eat The Bugs


Shortly following the post made by Food Insider, memes about refusing to eat the bugs, and ‘the establishment’ forcing bug eating on people started to spread. On September 26th, 2019, the Twitter account @nic_carter uploaded a meme in which the act of saving the climate was called into question as nuclear power is often touted as a better way to achieve a cleaner climate, earning 210 likes in three years (shown below).

On the website iFunny, the user Bonsoir_2018 uploaded one of the first memes to incorporate the combo phrase ‘I WILL NOT LIVE IN THE POD AND I WILL NOT EAT THE BUGS’ which is stated as a description under the meme they posted which earned 475 likes in three years (shown below).

Counter-memes, from the perspective of someone trying to force you to eat the bugs, were also quick to be made. On November 12th, 2019, a meme using Greta Thunberg was used to push the idea of eating bugs, uploaded to Twitter by the Twitter account HenkBautz as his profile picture (shown below).

Eat the fucking bugs Greta Thunberg

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