Hopefully Tesla’s First Audio Product Doesn’t Come to the U.S. – Review Geek

Hopefully Tesla’s First Audio Product Doesn’t Come to the U.S. – Review Geek


We recently learned that Tesla filed to expand its trademark name to several audio product categories, including microphones, headphones, speakers, and more. And now, the company just announced and released its first audio product, the TeslaMic, a microphone for in-car karaoke.

Hopefully Tesla’s first audio product doesn’t come to the U.S. because the last thing anyone wants is to listen to poor off-tune karaoke from their Uber driver.

In all seriousness, the company just released its own Tesla-branded microphone in China that pairs nicely with its vehicles and built-in apps. The microphone was designed for in-car karaoke and is compatible with the most recent 2022 Tesla “Chinese New Year” software update. The product was specially mentioned in the 2022.2.1 update for Chinese vehicles, according to Twitter.

TeslaMic couple singing

The microphone is available on Telsa’s Chinese web store for 1,199 Chinese Yuan ($188) for a set of two but will likely sell out quickly, not to mention at launch, the site kept crashing. The latest Tesla update added more songs, too, thanks to the Leishi KTV catalog, giving singers more options than ever before.

The karaoke system uses the infotainment display to show lyrics. According to Tesla’s site description, the TeslaMic even comes with a few unique sound modes to help singers sound better.

For those unaware, karaoke is highly popular in China and most Asian countries, so this new product should be quite the hit. Again, the new TeslaMic is only available in China right now, but with Tesla’s recent trademark filings, we could see something similar in the United States and elsewhere. Would you drop $190 for two microphones and do some karaoke in your Tesla?

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