FIFA-Rival UFL Reveals Gameplay & Cover Star Cristiano Ronaldo

FIFA-Rival UFL Reveals Gameplay & Cover Star Cristiano Ronaldo

UFL developer Strikerz has revealed the gameplay of its upcoming free-to-play football game as well as announcing Cristiano Ronaldo as its cover star.

UFL, the upcoming free-to-play game looking to rival the massive FIFA franchise, has revealed some of its gameplay as well as its cover star Cristiano Ronaldo. UFL is the debut game from Strikerz, a new studio that was formed in 2016, which was officially announced during Gamescom 2021’s Opening Night Live show last August alongside a host of other titles.

FIFA is one of the most successful franchises in both the football simulation game and the sports video game genres. The series holds the record for the most sales for a sports video game franchise in the world, with over 325 million copies sold as of 2021. The latest entry in the series, FIFA 22, was released last October and saw over 9 million people playing the game just a little over a week after its release. In spite of the strength of its branding, EA’s FIFA series might be up for a change in name in the future as a new EA trademark filing for FIFA points at a split from the well-known name.


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Strikerz (via IGN) showed off UFL’s gameplay during a reveal event on YouTube, which included its visuals, in-game menus, customization options, and more. The studio announced during the reveal, which ran for around 15 minutes, that Cristiano Ronaldo will be the game’s cover star and that UFL will feature ranked and unranked online modes as well as offline play. Support for team-based matches, such as 2v2 and 3v3, will also be included in both competitive and casual modes. However, the main gameplay mode of UFL will be its global online football league where players will be able to create their own team from a pool of over 5,000 real-life players and compete against others throughout the year for a chance to be crowned the UFL Champion.

Other features shown during the reveal event include squad management, similar to FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode, as well as cosmetic customizations for club kits, items, and stadiums. A battle pass system called “Team Pass” also looks to be included in the game. According to Strikerz, UFL will be “fair-to-play” and will feature a division-based and skill-based matchmaking system. CEO Eugene Nashilov, who led the event, said that the studio has grown a lot since its inception back in 2016 from three people to over 200 personnel and that Strikerz is “building an ecosystem unique in sports video gaming. We are planning to hold special events featuring our ambassadors and partner clubs — a hybrid of on- and offline activities.” Finally, the studio announced that UFL is in its “final stages of development” and will be released on the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4, in 2022.

After the unsuccessful launch of Konami’s eFootball late last year, UFL has a good opportunity to take the spot the game formerly known as Pro Evolution Soccer once held. eFootball launched last September and received criticism due to its glitches, bugs, and broken gameplay mechanics, among many other things. The amount of problems the game currently faces has even forced Konami to delay eFootball’s first major update to sometime this year.

UFL could easily become the next big contender to the FIFA series and, if it ends up being a good football video game while eFootball continues to stuggle, could easily take the place once held by the Konami series. Hopefully, it’s able to live up to all the promises and expectations set by Strikerz, with more details and news expected in the coming weeks and months.

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UFL is scheduled for release sometime in 2022 for the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4.

Source: Strikerz/YouTube (via IGN)

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