8 Best Off-Duty And Undercover Fashion Moments In The MCU

8 Best Off-Duty And Undercover Fashion Moments In The MCU

MCU heroes don’t always wear capes (or their superhero suits). Sometimes they need to be dry-cleaned or the hero needs to do regular-person activities or keep a low profile in public. However, when the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are off-duty, they still manage to deliver some memorable fashion moments.

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Some of the characters are fashionable in their own rights and rock their own looks. Others hit fashion gold by coincidence or as part of undercover disguise. Either way, it is fun to see our favorite superheroes looking their best outside of their regular costumes.


Bruce Banner/Hulk – Thor: Ragnarok

Side by side image of Bruce Banner in his casual Thor: Ragnarok outfit

Both the Hulk and Bruce Banner had their best fashion moments in Thor: Ragnarok during their time on the planet Sakaar. This movie is the first time the Hulk wears something different from the traditional torn pants and it’s a sign that he has matured during his time away. He not only wears armor in his fight scene but is also shown wearing a wrap skirt (or skort?), belt, and heavy beaded necklaces.

When he turns back into Bruce Banner, Bruce is in need of clothes and luckily, he finds an outfit left behind by his science bro, Tony Stark. The T-shirt looks like it is straight out of the ’80s and the pants are much tighter than anything Bruce normally wears.

Natasha Romanov – Iron Man 2

Natasha Romanoff in a red dress in Iron Man 2

One of Natasha’s best fashion moments comes in Iron Man 2 when she is working undercover as Tony’s secretary under the alias Natalie Rushman. She wears a red dress with gold accessories that curiously resembles Iron Man’s suit in both the cut of the shoulders and bright red color. It is a really feminine look that is very different from what she typically wears.

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When she is not undercover, her normal off-duty outfits include a structured jacket, usually leather, and boots. One of her best looks when not undercover is her Lagos outfit from Captain America: Civil War which includes a khaki-colored jacket and tall lace-up boots.

Bucky Barnes – The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes in a black blazer and t-shirt in Falcon and The Winter Soldier

In The Falcon and The Winter Soldier series, Bucky Barnes wears a blazer with a black t-shirt. This is another rare moment when an off-duty or undercover look does not include a leather jacket – although it should be noted that the blazer does have leather detailing.

This is a very modern look for Bucky considering he is 106 years old. While there are plenty of unpopular opinions about The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, what fans can agree on is that it’s exciting to see Bucky take steps forward, not only in fashion but also in his personal life in phase 4 so far.

Sam Wilson – The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Side by side images of Sam Wilson in the Smiling Tiger suit

Sam Wilson has gained increasing popularity as he has stepped into the role of Captain America and audiences were huge fans of his new suit because of how closely it resembles the look in the comics.

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Apart from Sam’s iconic new suit, his best outfit is in the third episode of the Falcon and Winter Soldier series when he goes undercover as the “Smiling Tiger” to a club in Madripoor. It is a three-piece suit in red, yellow, and navy kitenge fabric with beads around his neck. Although Sam was not a huge fan of the outfit, he definitely rocked it.

T’Challa – Black Panther

T'challa's casual outfit in Black Panther

T’Challa is not only the leader of his country but he is also in the lead when it comes to men’s fashion in the MCU. T’Challa’s outfits include a range of elaborate kingly robes, handsome suits, and trendy streetwear.

T’Challa’s best off-duty look is in the final scene of Black Panther when he visits the apartment building that his cousin Erik Killmonger grew up in. During this scene, he is wearing all black including a black trench coat, combat boots, and his Black Panther necklace. This outfit makes streetwear look royal.

Pepper Potts – Iron Man 3

Pepper Potts in a white suit in Iron Man 3

Pepper Potts, Iron Man’s soulmate, has so many beautiful outfits that it is hard to choose her best look. She is a master at business casual and all of her looks are incredibly polished and elegant. Her white suit in Iron Man 3 is a perfect example.

It is a modern take on a power suit (an updated version of shoulder pads included) that is well-fitted and chic. She styles it with a red lip, a high pony, and killer heels. It is the perfect outfit for Pepper to wear in her role as CEO when she turns down Aldrich Killian.

Wanda Maximoff – WandaVision

Wanda Maximoff in the 50s, 80s, and 70s in WandaVision

WandaVision included some of Wanda Maximoff’s best moments in the MCU so far. Wanda’s style in WandaVision includes 6 decades of iconic outfits from 50’s housewife to modern loungewear. There is not a shortage of brilliant fashion moments in this show.

Highlights include her 1950’s A-line cocktail dress, her 70’s flowy maternity dress, and her 80’s suspenders. However, the top pick for her best fashion moment is her boudoir look from the first episode. It is a glamorous look complete with feather sleeves, diamonds, and bombshell hair and makeup.

Shuri – Black Panther

Side by side image of the front and back of Shuri's white dress in Black Panther

Shuri, one of the smartest characters in the MCU became a style icon thanks to her appearance in Black Panther. Shuri’s fashion is a mix between modern streetwear and traditional clothing. She wears structured looks, with a lot of mesh, trendy sneakers, and unique jewelry.

One of her best looks is a high fashion version of a white lab coat dress that gathers in the back. This dress looks like something she engineered herself with a high-tech vibe and a feminine flair.

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