Just like a special one-night-stand or someone “that got away,” there are some memes that stay in our hearts forever, a sweet memory that never fails to make us laugh. And that’s arguably healthier than having constant intrusive thoughts about a person whose personality is a total projection. Anyway. Twitter user @kittynouveau asked users to share their own special go-to memes in a thread yesterday, and the results do not disappoint. 

While some of the memes shared are specimens we’ve seen many, many times before (enough with the cats, alright?), others were new to us, and some of those were a delightful amalgam of weird, dumb, and funny. And that’s exactly what we gravitate towards. We’ve put together some of the best submissions in this gallery, but the thread is overflowing with almost every kind of meme. And almost every single one of them is funny.

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