These Betty White memes were 99 years in the making! Our beloved queen of comedy may have left this Earth, but her witty words and memories remain.

Long live Betty White, the immortal – or so we thought. On December 31, 2021 Betty White passed away at her Brentwood, CA home. Maybe that’s why our 2022 seems a little pathetic, we are missing our favorite senior citizen.

Funny Betty White Memes

That beloved sweet old lady, who no one wanted to see die may be gone but y’all the material she left us with will be laughed at for years to come. Here are our favorite Betty White memes.

funny betty white memes
funny betty white memes

Let’s start this Betty White meme party off with this. Gotta love Betty, the O.G. with rapper Easy-E.

betty white meme easy e gangsta

Her full name was Betty Marion White Ludden. She was an actress and comedian and loved by so many. With a bright smile, don’t be deceived – she could deliver some real zingers that will never be forgotten.

thats nice betty white meme

We all have our time, and unfortunately Betty’s arrived this past year. We will all be missed, but none more than Betty the great.

you will be missed betty white meme

Betty White Birthday

Our queen, Betty White was born on January 17, 1922 in Oak Park, IL – a suburb of Chicago. That’s right, making Betty older than sliced bread.

betty white meme sliced bread

Sliced bread was invented in 1928, therefore sliced bread is the greatest thing since Betty White.

betty white legos meme
betty white meme legos

Golden Girls

While Betty was introduced to many of us thru the Golden Girls (1985-1992), she was in show business since the 50’s. In fact, in 1955 she was named honorary Mayor of Hollywood.

golden girls meme thug life
Golden Girls meme

Check out her accolades in her IMDB profile. Quite impressive!

Wine and Vodka

Betty White wine meme gets me everytime. Get you someone who looks at you like Betty White looks at wine.

betty white wine meme
Betty White wine meme

She loved her wine, but more so she loved her vodka.

The infamous Betty White dab meme. She may have been old, but she could dab it.

betty white vodka meme
Betty White dab meme

More Betty White Memes

Here is one of America’s most talented and beloved superheroes helping Captain America on stage.

betty white meme ng Captain America on stage.

In a world full of Kardashians, be like Betty.

be like betty

The only person that Chuck Norris is afraid of is Betty White. Watch out, Chucky.

betty white chuck norris meme

Can we talk about the epicness of Star Wars Betty White the Jedi?

It’s never too late to learn, isn’t that right, B?

betty white karma sutra meme

She lasted 99 years. Would it have been amazing for her to 100 years old, sure? But exiting on December 31, 2021 she didn’t have to even deal with all that January 1, 2022 brought.

Betty White Challenge

Watching so many toast the great Betty White on New Years Eve was adorable. On her birthday this year, there is a #BettyWhiteChallenge.

100th Birthday

The Betty White Challenge is on January 17th. Betty White would have turned 100 years old this year and in honor of her life, join in on the Betty White Challenge.

betty white challenge birthday 100
betty white challenge for her 100th birthday january 17

Here’s how to do it. Adopt a dog from an animal shelter or donate $5 to a local rescue in Betty White’s name. Make her 100th birthday the movement she deserves.

betty white middle finger meme
betty white death meme

Betty White loved dogs, so this birthday challenge seems fitting and appropriate!

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