It’s Christmas Day. For many of us, it’s the most exciting holiday out there. We hope you had a great time celebrating and got more than just socks for Christmas, but honestly socks are pretty okay too. Now that the festivities are winding to a close, here are some memes pulled from the back of the Christmas tree.

Don’t Ask Stupid Questions, Son

Nice tree dad! Are you going to put it up yourself? No I will put it up in the living room Human People Sleeve Text Textile Standing Mammal Winter Happy Facial expression People in nature Adaptation Jacket Photography


Human Shrek Was Pretty Upsetting

The front of The back of christmas christmas tree: tree: Bussunda Shrek 2 Face Facial expression Head Smile Yellow Adaptation Human Organism Happy


White Christmases Don’t Happen

When it snows one week before Christmas but melts the day before it We were on the verge of greatness We were this close Clothing Outerwear Photograph Vertebrate Cap Natural environment Human Mammal Headgear Morning Happy Adaptation Font People Grass Beard Photo caption


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