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From the first to the third season, Outlander‘s Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall made his mark as one of TV’s most brutal villains. Known for his sadistic mannerisms and penchant for torture, Randall was responsible for tormenting the Frasers and MacKenzies for years, with the militant leader using his status as Captain to get away with his violent and horrific crimes.

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Even years after his death, Black Jack Randall still managed to have a major impact on all the characters, with many of them still traumatized by what they had witnessed or what they were subjected to. While the books certainly showed what a terrible and an awful person he was in-depth, fans of the series did try to highlight some of his worst crimes.


Updated on January 24th, 2022, by Kayleigh Banks: With Outlander’s sixth season about to premiere in March, many fans are excited to see what will be in store as the Fraser-Mackenzie clan are about to be caught in the middle of the American Revolution. While Jamie has certainly tried to remain loyal to his own morals and his family, it appears that he may find himself being tested as Governor Tryon forces him to fulfill his oath to the crown.

So far, Tryon hasn’t been as brutal as the show’s former antagonist, Captain Jack Randall, but it does feel like he’s not so far off as he has, inadvertently, been responsible for the death of the fan-favorite character, Murtagh. There’s still a long way to go but there’s always a possibility that Tryon might end up committing a few similar to Black Jack Randall if it helps him to get what he wants in the end.  

Randall Runs A Corrupt Facility At Wentworth Prison

Captain Jack Randall looking shocked in Outlander

With Black Jack Randall holding quite a prestigious position in the army, it’s not that surprising that he ended up becoming the garrison commander at Fort William for a while. Unfortunately, this would have also meant that the prisoners within the facility would have been mistreated by the guards and Randall too.

Based on what the viewers had seen when Jamie was arrested, it’s become quite clear that the whole facility was corrupt. Randall would encourage the other English soldiers to look the other way when he mistreated and tortured Jamie, and he also didn’t care how his soldiers treated the other prisoners either. It’s quite upsetting for the viewers to realize this, especially since Black Jack Randall had likely been responsible for the other prisoners’ trauma too, and faced no punishment for his crimes.

Randall Framed Jamie By Killing The Soldier

While the murder didn’t take place on-screen, the viewers learned that the reason Jamie had been on the run was that Black Jack Randall had framed him. Everyone knew that Jamie had been wrongly accused of murdering an English soldier, but he wasn’t sure who the culprit actually was.

However, this all changed when Horrocks revealed the person Jamie had been looking for was Black Jack Randall. Not only did it seem that the Captain was out to ruin Jamie’s life but he had also shown that he was a traitor to his country too. The fact that Black Jack Randall would murder his own allies proved how low he would go and how he should never be underestimated.

Dueling With Jamie

Captain Randall and Jamie dueling in Outlander

Although fans knew that he was alive, it still came as a great shock to the viewers when Black Jack Randall turned up in France (and exactly where Jamie and Claire were). He seemed to great pleasure in knowing they were both there and had no qualms in accepting the two duels Jamie challenged him to.

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Considering that Randall had warned Claire that dueling in France was illegal and could be punishable by death, many viewers had already been wary of why he would accept them both. However, it was quite clear what Black Jack’s intentions were once it was over: he knew Jamie would likely be killed whatever the result of the duel was. He knew that he wouldn’t face any of the consequences due to his ranking and connections to the crown. It just showed how calculating and devious he could be.

Randall Burns Jamie’s Pardon

After Jamie fought back against Black Jack, the Captain had an unhealthy obsession with the Scottish Highlander. His obsession with Jamie increased when he managed to evade capture from right under his nose. However, this changed once Jamie was imprisoned in Fort William.

It was here that Black Jack Randall took great pleasure in tormenting Jamie, with his mind games starting when he burned Jamie’s pardon right in front of his face. Considering how hard Jamie had fought to prove his innocence, it hurt the audience to hear Randall say that Jamie would have actually gotten his life back if the note had reached the right officials. It just felt like he was rubbing salt into Jamie’s wounds by cruelly mocking and laughing at him – knowing his pain was all down to him.

Attacking Claire When He First Met Her

The first time Claire (and the viewers) met Black Jack was in the pilot episode, as she confused him for her husband Frank. He introduced himself as “the Captain of His Majesty’s Eighth Dragoons” and then began interrogating her.  He then attacked and assaulted Claire before Murtagh Fraser showed up and saved her.

While he had only been on-screen for a short amount of time, Black Jack Randall’s introduction certainly left a bad impression on the fans as they could tell that he was a deplorable and awful person. Not only did Randall’s behavior and manners disgust everyone, but the way he carried himself with much authority made people feel uncomfortable too. It became quite apparent that this wouldn’t be the last time the viewers saw him (hinting at his status as one of the show’s main antagonists).

Punching A Corpse

Season 2’s “The Hail Mary” saw Black Jack Randall marrying Mary Hawkins after Claire discovered Mary was pregnant with Alex Randall’s (Black Jack’s brother) child. Sadly, despite Claire’s best efforts, Alex dies after contracting tuberculosis and discovering he had congestive heart failure. When it was clear that Alex had died, Randall jumped on top of his corpse and began punching it several times, much to the horror of Claire and Mary.

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Considering that Black Jack Randall claimed to love his brother, this act was quite horrific for the viewers to see as it showed he had no respect for Alex. What was even worse was that he was relentless in his attack and showed no remorse for his actions. It just made many fans feel uncomfortable.

The Jenny Incident

In season 1’s “Castle Leoch,” Jamie narrated to Claire how Black Jack led a group of Redcoats to their home to collect horses, food, and valuables. He heard his sister Jenny screaming then rushed to the house and found two soldiers trying to assault her. As he fought them off, Black Jack appeared and placed a gun to his head.

Despite Jamie begging Black Jack to leave his sister alone, he stripped her and claimed she was very attractive. Randall then tied Jamie up and proceeded to whip him as Jenny watched. He then took Jenny with him, saying that she will give him plenty of entertainment. It was a scene that completely horrified fans as it just served to highlight how immoral Randall and the other soldiers could be.

Forcing Corporal Hawkins To Kick Claire

Just after Black Jack Randall had finished torturing Jamie in the Season One episode, “The Garrison Commander,” Randall summoned Corporal Hawkins. When Claire mistakenly thought he was about to leave her alone, he punched her in the stomach. Black Jack Randall then ordered a terrified Hawkins, one of the soldiers, to kick.

While it became quite apparent that Black Jack Randall seemed to enjoy torturing and hurting others, the viewers also learned some new information about his position in his regiment. Not only were the other soldiers under his command frightened of him but it also appeared that Claire wouldn’t get any justice either since none of them reported Randall, implying that he has likely got away with other crimes too.

Flogging Jamie To Make A Point

In “The Garrison Commander,” Black Jack Randall also had a conversation with Claire, in which he informed her of how he’d whipped Jamie for trying to escape. He sarcastically told her that he had ordered a corporal to give Jamie one hundred lashes but he did not break. Feeling that this would set a bad example for future offenders, he grabbed the whip and gave Jamie a hundred more lashes.

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In a flashback scene, Jamie’s scarred back could be seen as Randall whipped him continuously. Randall didn’t stop the lashes until there was torn skin hanging from Jamie’s back. Still, Jamie refused to cry or talk. Everyone who was staring was horrified. And then he made a creepy remark only a villain like him could make: “Jamie and I created a bloody masterpiece. It was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.”

Punishing Claire For Lying

In the season one episode “Both Sides Now,” Black Jack Randall demanded to know what Claire knew about the Duke after she claimed that she was working for him. Randall discovered she was lying after he tricked her into thinking the Duchess was calling the shots but in reality, the Duke had never married.

As a result, Black Jack Randall attacked and assaulted Claire, holding her at knifepoint. He also demanded that she reveal information on Dougal, threatening to kill her if she did not.  Luckily, Jamie appeared and stopped the attack, but fans never forgot how awfully he treated Claire.

Indirectly Causing The Death Of Jamie’s Father

Jamie and his sister Jenny were reunited “Lallybroch.” There was good news as she revealed that Randall didn’t sexually assault her. However, Jamie revealed a disturbing detail to Claire. While he was being held captive at Fort William, his father tried to negotiate for his release.

However, after that failed and Jamie opted to not give in to Randall’s demands, the villain decided to deliver another brutal flogging. Sadly, his father witnessed the torture and it was too much for him. He ended up falling dead after suffering from a stroke. What made this all the more heartbreaking was that Jamie and Jenny ended up blaming themselves and spent years living with a lot of guilt. It just cemented Randall’s place further as one of the most hateful characters in Outlander.

Destroying Jamie’s Hand

Jamie stuck in Wentworth Prison in Outlander

After he was imprisoned in Wentworth Prison, the viewers witnessed some of the saddest and most horrific things to happen to Jamie as Black Jack Randall tortured him. First, the English Captain had damaged Jamie’s hand by hitting it with a hammer and nailing it to the table, (resulting in Jamie not being able to hold a sword).

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This was something that deeply affected Scotsman, for he believed that he wouldn’t be able to protect his family or loved ones once the war was upon them. Since Jamie was also quite stubborn and independent, he also didn’t like the fact that Randall might have taken this away from him too. It was only because of the rigorous training that Jamie learned how to hold a weapon properly again.

Sexually Assaulting Jamie

The season 1 finale was one of the most brutal and heartbreaking TV episodes ever as the viewers discovered that Randall had raped Jamie.

During the episode, the whole ordeal was shown in a series of flashbacks, with the writers exploring in great depth how the incident had deeply affected Jamie, physically and mentally. It certainly broke the fans’ hearts to see how much pain Jamie was in, with many viewers hoping that the Captain would soon face the consequences of his crimes in Outlander’s second season.

The Encounter With Young Fergus

As if he hadn’t committed enough evil acts already, it was revealed in the season 2 episode “Faith” that Black Jack Randall had raped Fergus (which was the reason why Jamie had challenged him to a duel for a second time).

While the fans’ hearts broke to see that the Fraser family was suffering once again, they soon grew angry once they realized that Randall was responsible for the pain Fergus was enduring. It was also frustrating that Randall didn’t face any consequences for his actions either, still keeping his title and rank despite his crimes. The fans prayed that Jamie, Claire, and Fergus would get their justice soon and that everyone would see Randall for the vile villain he was.

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