As Attack On Titan nears its epic conclusion, with the final season currently airing, fans across the globe are waiting with anticipation to see what will become of their favorite characters. It has been a long journey for the cast of the hit anime series but one of the characters who fans got to witness evolve and shift throughout the series from friend to traitor, ally to enemy, was Reiner Braun.

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Japanese actor Yoshimasa Hosoya has voiced the character from his first appearance in the show. A successful voice actor and narrator, Yoshimasa has provided his voice to many anime projects. While his voice may be recognizable for some of these well-known anime characters, some may be more surprising for fans to learn.


Fumikage Tokoyami (My Hero Academia)

As one of the many members of UA’s Class-1A, this character stands out among the rest for his unique appearance and mysterious personality. Voicing both the hero in training as well as his quirky companion Dark Shadow, Fumikage Tokoyami’s voice is recognizable as Reiner.

Both characters come across as generally reserved and serious. They are both also in possession of extraordinary power, and though the situations surrounding these circumstances differ greatly, both characters seem to be very conscious of the responsibility that they hold because of this.

Asahi Azume (Haikyuu)

Azumane Asahi with his game face on in Haikyuu!!

Originally a third-year member of central volleyball team Karasuno, Asahi Azumane comes across as a gentle giant. Another character whose personality is on the quieter and more reserved side, Asahi differs from Reiner largely due to the lack of confidence that Asahi tends to have in himself. Conversely, Reiner’s drive and belief in his actions are often what motivates him.

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Reiner’s personality and situation make him a much more assertive and at times, ruthless character, so Asahi offers a different, more gentle, and humble side to Yoshimasa’s voice acting abilities that are not often shown in Attack On Titan.

Junpei Hyuga (Kuroko No Basuke)

Junpei Hyuga is focused

Another sport-focused anime, Yoshimasa voices team captain Hyuga in Kuroko No Basuke. Playing in position as a shooting guard in a high school basketball team, Hyuga is often seen as a brash and sometimes rude member of this anime’s central sports team. However, he is collected and dependable, despite his heated outbursts.

There are some clear similarities between the voices of the two characters, especially in more heated moments, as Reiner’s passionate shouts can be recognized in Hyuga’s hot-headed rants.

Nezumi (No.6)

Nezumi looking tired in No. 6

Once again starring opposite Attack On Titan‘s protagonist Eren, voiced by Yuki Kaji, Yoshimasa voices Nezumi in this dystopian mystery anime. Initially in the show, Nezumi comes across as an irritable and sarcastic individual, but his resolve crumbles as the show progresses and his character softens.

Once again, Nezumi’s voice is highly recognizable. This makes the link between the two Attack On Titan characters, who both sound very similar, more interesting due to the romantic connection between the characters in No.6 that isn’t present between Eren and Reiner in Attack On Titan.

Joe (Megalobox)

Also known by his former ring name Junk Dog, Yoshimasa voices the main character in this boxing anime. Despite the aggressive sport that is central to both the character and the show, Joe is generally easy-going and laid back, which transforms into determined and spirited when facing an opponent in the boxing ring. He has little interest in fame or reward but instead fights for the love of fighting and facing off against strong opponents.

The shared voice between the two characters is obvious and unmistakable, but the serious edge of Reiner’s voice is transformed into good-natured sporting passion and drive.

Tenga Onigawara (Mob Psycho 100)

Tenga smiling and looking down in Mob Psycho 100

Salt Middle School student and outward delinquent, Onigawara is often quick to anger and tends to resort to violence. With a strong sense of pride, he puts up a cool and threatening front but has a softer side underneath.

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Despite the Reiner Braun and Tenga Onigawara’s character’s personalities being quite different from each other, the duality in each of their personalities, as both characters have moments of hiding their true intentions are similar and Yoshimasa Hosoya’s distinctive voice once again stands out in this role.

Ginti- Death Parade

Characters from the anime series Death Parade.

In this psychological thriller anime, Yoshimasa voices bartender Ginti. Another character with an often rude and irritable personality, Ginti is direct and aggressive with customers, thinking himself above the humans that he serves, sometimes even appearing sadistic and enjoying their suffering.

Yoshimasa’s voice fits perfectly in this role, especially enhancing the action scenes as his voice works alongside the animation to enhance the fights – much like the Armoured Titan in many of the intense Attack On Titan scenes.

Shichika Yasuri (Katanagatari)

Shichika and Togame promotional image

As the protagonist of Katanagatari, Shichika’s backstory left him clueless about the world after being raised as a weapon. This has meant that he is not the best at expressing his emotions and has difficulty understanding the nuances of other people.

Generally, this character is very different than the characters Yoshimasa is typically cast as due to the impassive and unexpressive nature of Shichika’s personality. This is in stark contrast to Reiner’s passionate and expressive outbursts. For this reason, it may not be as obvious to fans that they share the same voice, but once viewers know Yoshimasa’s distinctive voice still manages to ring through.

Aren Kuboyasu (The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K)

Aren smiling in The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

Another short-tempered character, Aren Kuboyasu is one of the main characters in the supernatural comedy anime The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Trying to put his troubled past behind him and putting up an appearance of a calm and collected individual, Aren isn’t usually successful when riled up, lashing out at those that annoy him.

Similar to Reiner and many other of Yoshimasa’s characters, Aren is serious and softly-spoken until the moment of being provoked. Yoshimasa’s voice is known for this range and both characters act as good examples of his work and voice acting capabilities.

Doppo Kunikida (Bungo Stray Dogs)

Doppo Kunikida looking at someone in Bungo Stray Dogs

As a member of the Armed Detective Agency, Kunikida comes across as highly organized and diligent, the reputation of the company being of high importance to him. For this reason, he may appear strict or harsh however he is highly compassionate when it comes to saving lives.

Typical for Yoshimasa’s roles Kunikida is calm and collected but is also well remembered for his frustrated outbursts. For this reason, Kunikida is reminiscent of Reiner’s and Yoshimasa’s voice continues to stand out as one of the most recognizable voices among Japanese anime voice actors.

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