Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Showtime series Yellowjackets, as well as discussions of cannibalism.

The first season of Showtime’s Yellowjackets has left viewers with a lot of burning questions, but none of them are as important to fans on Reddit as the identity of the “Antler Queen.” Also called the “AQ,” the Antler Queen is introduced in the gripping sequence during the first episode of the show. She seems to be the survivors’ leader and could potentially be controlling the group’s cannibalistic acts.

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The best theories about the AQ so far align with what has happened in the series, as well as with the characters’ personalities. As fans wait for more news about the second season of the series, it’s the ideal time to think about who the mysterious AQ really is.

Lottie Is The Antler Queen

Yellowjackets season 1 ending explained

The most straightforward and arguably prevailing theory in the fandom about the AQ’s identity is that all signs point to one of the best characters in Yellowjackets, Lottie. Pippenjames33 says that there are “a lot of signs that Lottie is the AQ,” which include her ability to “see the future.”

They add that because she’s “having visions of what would happen to them out there,” she gets the “inspiration to lead” the other survivors. It’s a solid theory that has been repeated numerous times and it’s certainly the most predictable answer at this point, which is why there’s also a huge possibility that it’s not true – the series has been known to subvert expectations, after all.

Shauna’s Pregnancy Makes Her The Antler Queen

Yellowjackets Shauna 1996 Sophie Nélisse

The user DullAmbition brilliantly uses a scientific perspective to explain why they think “Shauna is the Antler Queen.” They explain how in “yellowjacket colonies” (referring to the actual wasps and not the show), “the pregnant queen is protected by the rest of the hive.” They add how they “see the team rallying around her to protect the life of her child and sustain Shauna at all costs.”

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It’s certainly an interesting take that could thrust Shauna into the spotlight in future episodes. She has already shown that she’s capable of some pretty dark things, so it isn’t too far-fetched to imagine her as the AQ.

Lottie Is Both Antler Queen And Pit Girl

yellowjackets season 2

Another character whose identity remains a mystery is “PG” or “Pit Girl.” She appears in the same sequence as the AQ and is shown falling into a pit before being devoured by the other survivors. The Redditor lizSass kills two birds with one stone with their assertion that “Lottie is both pit girl and Antler Queen.”

They explain that the characters “get sick of following Lottie” as the AQ and decide to “take her down,” thus turning her into the PG. It’s a plausible theory that would explain why Pit Girl looks so much like Lottie from afar. It would make sense for the series to trick viewers into thinking the two events showing the AQ and PG happen in one day, only to reveal that they don’t actually happen at the same time.

The Antler Queen Role Can Be Taken

Yellowjackets Featured

The AQ may not be just one person, at least according to Amazingjaype. They think that “just because” Lottie is the AQ, “doesn’t mean she’s the only AQ.” They back up their claim by pointing out how “if factions are born, it would make sense that people would try and fight for the position of the Queen.”

If that were the case, only the smartest characters on Yellowjackets would likely find themselves in that position. The AQ seems to be controlling the cannibalistic acts on the show, so the survivors would likely do whatever they can to be crowned queen if the theory is true.

Shauna Is The Final Antler Queen

The user evilcaptainmorgan lists several reasons why they think “Shauna is the final Antler Queen.” They describe her as being “ruthless, smart,” and “disconnected,” which are all essential traits for the AQ role. They detail how while Lottie may be “the first AQ,” she “will meet her demise and have the mantle taken up by Shauna.”

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It’s another theory to add to the growing list of predictions that there is more than one AQ. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Shauna be the last reigning queen, as it could explain why she’s still deeply affected by her time in the wilderness.

The Antler Queen Is From Another Group Of Survivors

Yellowjackets House Dollhouse Woods Cabin

Encrypt777 proposes what they call “a weirdish AQ theory” and asks “what if none of the girls are AQ” and the character “is actually somebody else that’s part of that cult in those woods?” They remind fans about “the symbol carved everywhere” and says “there could be a possibility the cult very much still exists.”

It’s an intriguing theory that, considering all the shocking events from Yellowjackets’ first season, is definitely on the cards. It hasn’t been revealed what that symbol means or, more importantly, who put it there – the survivors might just find out what the answers to those questions are in horrific ways in season 2.

The Locks Of Hair On The Antler Queen’s Dress Are Trophies

Antler Queen sitting next to two masked characters in Yellowjackets.

The Antler Queen’s outfit has become iconic in the fandom, but Difficult-Diver4545 has noticed something most viewers may have missed. They “think the hair on AQ’s dress are trophies from the girls they hunted,” referring to what do look like locks of hair pinned to her white dress.

It’s a creepy detail that hints at the AQ’s role in the cannibalistic rituals the survivors may potentially have in the next season. Whose tresses they are is yet to be revealed, but it’s chilling to think about how many people they’ll end up killing if they do belong to the group’s victims.

The Antler Queen Is Anonymous

yellowjackets cannibalism cult

While most Redditors debate the identity of the AQ, Slpeen-Goblin goes in a different direction by suggesting that the “survivors may not have known who this veiled figure was” at all. They add how “anonymity might have strengthened her authority in such a situation” and encouraged the cannibalistic acts among her followers.

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If the AQ turns out to be anonymous, it’ll have far-reaching implications on the present-day survivors. Their actions and suspicions about each other could take on a whole new meaning, as they would not be aware of who did what awful thing in the wilderness.

The Girls Take Turns As Antler Queen To Be Hunted

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The strong relationships between the girls in Yellowjackets may motivate them to be as fair as possible when they start killing and eating each other. The user kmwinnerscircle thinks “it’s possible the hunt is something everyone is subject to.” Whoever survives is safe until the next AQ is “given the position of honor” for “the chase.”

That system would certainly work for most of the survivors, as they’re trained to be strong and agile for the soccer team. In this case, the role of the AQ is to make it out alive and to pass the label onto someone else, which is something Pit Girl isn’t able to do.

Antler Queens Sacrifice Themselves

yellowjackets stepehen king review

The Redditor the_wordless_one takes the hunting theory to the next level by hypothesizing that the AQ is “a ceremonial position for the next person to be hunted so the others can live.” They add how “the deer antlers mark them as prey” and “the veil is so no one has to see their friends’ faces” as they prepare to sacrifice themselves.

It’s a theory that paints a grim picture of what the survivors eventually have to resort to in order to survive, but it isn’t too hard to imagine that Lottie would suggest something like it to appease the forces she believes are in the woods. The other characters could agree to the wild suggestion because they’re starving and can’t think of any other way to satiate their hunger.

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