PC, XB1, PS4, Switch

One of the slightly more obvious inclusions on the list, but I feel like it gets overlooked because of the assumption it’s something to do with Minecraft. OK, yes, it is something to do with it, but only aesthetically. This is, instead, a top-down Diablo-ish brawler, and one of the best co-op games to play as adult and kid.

Played two-player, it’s an amazingly adept game at equalizing ability, letting younger kids keep up while they learn the game, then inevitably get far better at it than you. Plus, crucially, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. I’ve carried on playing long after my boy moved on.

There’s a good chunk of the game on GamePass, while the add-ons can be bought individually, so you can manage spending on new content for your child’s personal attention span. Worry not if Minecraft proper’s bloat and scale is off-putting to your brats, this is a whole other, contained, superb thing.

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