The 1/6 Committee is gathering evidence and investigating potential crimes committed by Donald Trump as he tried to overturn the election.

Via: The Washington Post:

As the Committee gathers and sifts evidence, it is focusing on the question of what Trump did while the attack was raging, a time during which he was mostly publicly silent while his supporters ransacked the Capitol, and whether his action or inaction amounts to a crime.

The Committee’s nascent discussions about potential criminal referrals also include the efforts to pressure state and local officials to overturn the results of the election and whether people raising funds for the rallies and events surrounding Jan. 6 made their appeals while knowing the claims of election fraud were false.

The Committee Is Looking At All Areas Of Trump’s Behavior Related To His Coup And 1/6

The Committee is not limiting itself to only looking at Trump’s actions during the 1/6 attack. They are also investigating potential crimes related to his coup and his effort to overturn the election.

It is looking almost inevitable that at some point by the spring, the House of Representatives will be weighing a criminal referral of Donald Trump to the Department of Justice for 1/6 crimes.

The DOJ may or may not be investigating Trump on their own, but a criminal referral of the former president could be the kick in the pants that they need to make sure that no one is above the law.

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